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  1. symo


    Quite a lot actually , it may pay you to do some research on it, you can sum up the costs over a few years as well and then match it across. You may also like to do some research on suicide as well doing a year on year as well. Go on give it a go.
  2. White fragility in large doses on this site https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jun/11/deaths-inside-how-we-track-indigenous-deaths-in-custody-and-why-we-do-it
  3. Interesting - they are only letting you book two days ahead with the system at Northcote. The joy of working from home means I can be flexible with times which helps. Cant believe they are using a phone system?
  4. Northcote Melbourne 1 hour with bookings Someone hit the extra dose of Chlorine button today to kill off everything - only lasted 20 minutes - arg. Richmond, Collingwood and Fitzroy to open over the next 3-4 weeks - same process
  5. symo


    Thats why I am not going in . . . . no not that bad just fully automated
  6. symo


    We have the full monty automatic temp checkers on entry, apparently - not that I care too much as unlikely to be back in this year. We were jammed packed in all buildings so they had to spread everything out which basically means 60-70% back in at a max. Hand sanitizer is pointless unless up to the alcohol content and I assume its primarily for after you have touched something so you dont get it when you then pick your nose.
  7. Local Northcote pool opening Wed - 3 per lane - booked for 7am - its going to kill me. 45 min sessions with 15 mins for changeover.
  8. Bet those South Americans are happy
  9. symo


    Interesting note on why Belgium has the highest death rate - they are counting everything and making assumptions others are not. Useful numbers on BBC site for the UK link
  10. symo


    link The problem is if even a low percentage head back to work, as a necessity, it gets crowded. The design and flow pinch points just make it near impossible to stick to the rules/best practice.
  11. symo


    Vietnam seems to be the successful quiet achiever on this so far.
  12. symo


    I remember early last year a bunch of Uni work experience kids at the bank presenting some ideas on the gig economy as though it was a great thing - I was thinking - you don't have a F'ing clue
  13. symo


    It is shocking - I spent 10 years there and reading what some of the people I know and the general attitudes being posted its really weird given whats happening. These are generally well informed people but the whole Boris thing - look its all about me - and the huge F Ups being glossed over, remember the war etc etc British pluck, push on through is a bit bizarre in 2020.
  14. Same version getting a roll out in the UK now it seems.
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