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  1. Maybe. But if he is, he's *very* good at it to get away with it for so long. Even Bertie slipped up in 2010.
  2. Yeah, not a fan. I can't make him out. Here's what puzzles me. During the pre-biopassport years when it was still a free-for-all he was winning regularly, and now that much better controls are in place he's still winning regularly. We know he was doping pre-07 as he was caught in Puerto, but if he's never stopped, then how has he managed to dodge testing positive for 9 years now. The nature of the biopassport is that it the range gets tighter and tighter as more data is gathered, so Valverde's should allow minimal room for doping by this stage?
  3. Yes, the same Valverde. However, if Nibali was at 100% he'd have put way more time into Valverde. He's a better GT rider, always has been, especially in high mountains. Go back to the 2014 Tour where he won and look at some of the stage results. Nibali put >1min into Valverde on almost all the mountain stages and finished almost 8min ahead of him in GC. But no, that's not my only data point. There's plenty of other data out there if you want to look. Kruijswijk publishes his power data on Strava and it showed him climbing the last part of Agnello at 5.4W/kg for 34min. That's the bit whe
  4. I thought I was doomed too. Cancellara got sick before the prologue and did nothing, my secret sprint sensation Mareczko went home after stage three with zero points, Uran was MIA and then Zakarin pulled a TT straight out of the Chicken Rasmussen handbook just as he was about to take the Maglia Rosa Thankfully everyone got their shit together after that!
  5. Damn. Nizzolo's relegation cost me second place Resounding win by Rolled Oats. 12th overall too! Brava! 7529 Rolled Oats Anthony 5670 One Step At A Time Gav1866 5654 Non Che Male Donncha 5533 VeloKyniska Trevor Smith 5487 TTT Tryline 5438 Rob`s Rollers Rob B 5393 Mr E Men Monsieur Eley 5201 Pedalio Pussies Benjo 5190 Schlecht Brothers Slowman 4927 Stemsters Stem 4852 Wondering Why JGF 4646 Team Tally Ho PhatPom 4592 Hasbeen`s Heros Ex-hasbeen 4037 Clydesdale CC Sutta 3549 Where`s t
  6. Not quite. After a couple of crap stages in the middle of the race, Nibali was still only 1:41 down on Chavez, with a much stronger team at his disposal and far more experience. We forget that this was only Chavez's second grand tour and he faded quite badly in the final day, losing time to even Jungels and Majka. Even on the barnstorming Stage 19, Nibali climbed Risoul almost two minutes slower than he climbed it in the 2014 Tour, so he wasn't even going anywhere as fast as he's actually capable of. And on Stage 20, he only put 10 seconds into Valverde. If he was on top form he'd have
  7. You mean the over-hyped current World Champions?
  8. Yep, it's mainly French housewives, which makes sense when you consider that the stages finish around 5pm each day.
  9. Oooooohhhhh, Benjo's lead down to 67pts...
  10. No. The announcement from SBS was that Keeno, Robbie AND P&P are doing the Tour. Tomo tweeted: "OFFICIAL: Matt Keenan + Robbie McEwewn to provide bulk of #sbscycling commentary of #TDF2016 alongside Phil Liggett + Paul Sherwin." I got the impression that that means Keeno & Robbie are doing the warm-up before handing over to P&P for the main event, so no real change, though maybe they'll hand over later?? SBS were obviously getting lots of heat on Twitter with questions asking whether Keeno & Robbie were doing the main gig, because Tomo ended up tweeting:
  11. Feeling confident of the podium, with a stretch goal of kicking PeePee out of 2nd. PeePee's Jungles, Pozzovivo & 400pt lead versus my Zakarin, Uran, Ulissi and Battaglin...
  12. Exactly. Your specific example asked why shouldn't EPO be allowed when Kenyans/Ethiopians have a natural advantage due to genetics, implying that EPO could level the playing field and help those without East African genetic heritage to compete. It can't. The East Africans just also take the drugs and those who are not gifted now will then need to take even more drugs, etc. etc. Your second argument that drugs are not damaging may or may not be true. Even if it is actually true right now, there's no guarantee that it will remain true once you open the floodgates and create a free-for-al
  13. Donncha


    Yes, the Betoota Advocate is a local version of The Onion. Some of their stories have been picked up by mainstream newspapers in the past, not realising it's satire
  14. Because the whole purpose of sport is to see who is the best at a given event. Using drugs to "even up the playing field" completely defeats the purpose of there being a playing field in the first place. Besides, your argument doesn't make any sense anyway. Using the example above, you're assuming that if an Aussie took shitloads of EPO he could compete with Kenyans/Ethiopians... ...but what happens if the Kenyans/Ethiopians take shitloads of EPO?
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