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  1. I up to episode 3 on IView. Anyone else on board?. I do miss Rake..🤪
  2. Chuckie M

    IM Cairns 2021

    I think you can go , but it is hotel quarantine?. The richest will survive. How did Christian Bale make it to Cairns?. He was around during race week...🤨
  3. I finished 12.26. punctured on the bike. struggled the last 40k on the bike. felt okay to plod along on the run...🤪
  4. I am in 2021 . scored a VIP entry. Entries open for the masses in T- 5 mins🥰
  5. https://fb.watch/5l_PtHG8k2/ What you will have to deal with..🙃
  6. Halle showed some form in 007 Die another day...😍
  7. I won't be having any finishing medals just finishing tattoos . I know a couple of dodgy Tattooist's from inside. Just line up after the finish for your Ironman Frankston ink..🤩
  8. I have quiet a few entries coming in from suckers. I mean athletes. I still have no details about the 2022 event. Not even a race date. price is firm at $1700 USD, plus a 94%Active fee..😜
  9. Didn't he write a book about his achievements?🤪
  10. Didn't someone Quote that No one will ever win Kona In Hoka's?. tell that to Jan...🤩
  11. Is it ramping up or down?, are people bored with this years show already?🤒
  12. Not good. Bloke used hashbrowns for the Indian pacific ride. I hope Hamish didn't turn up with the brick of doom?😂
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