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  1. I am lock and loaded. Race number 166. Going to be a slightly shorter current assisted swim. Speedy Steve out on the bike this morning 🤩
  2. I just rode out through the hills to Riverheads .it's a 40k return ride through rolling hills towards the Fraser island barge. Strong head wind all the way back.🙄🤔
  3. I swum this morning. A little choppy and rough. Slow conditions. I did see Tim Berkel and co at a local burger joint for dinner last night. I only had 2 schooners 🤩😘
  4. There will be a few racing the HB100 and drinking in his honor on Sunday. This race would have been perfect for him in his younger days. His Dad was well up in the Ansett corporate ladder. Digger used to have 10 return flights a year as part of the deal. 😪
  5. Yes. I hope so. I got s Townsville friend who had to defer Roth for 2020. I don't think she has a hope for 2021?🤔
  6. I am in Hervey bay now Is it a world championship field on Sunday?. I might swim with the tri club early on Friday if I back off the beers tonight?.😘
  7. Wow Tim Rea from AUS is flying🤪
  8. I came home from shift yesterday to the terrible new.s He had been in hospital for a couple of weeks following a suspected stroke. Rest in peace good buddy. I am so glad our lives crossed paths..
  9. If not there surely has to be a dodgy ones in Maryborough?. Will have to ask Speedy Steve...🤩
  10. I will still be getting home from the nightclubs then...😜
  11. I am registering between .12.30 and 1.00 pm on the Sat if you want too come and meet the man..?
  12. Is this the Official thread?, I am there next month. I am trying to get fit for it now. It was my last race before Covid.. Who is joining me?.🤪
  13. Adam raced triathlons in the Open Cat in the 90's. In FNQ. Handy swimmer..🤩
  14. I would have never have picked that H, you look a million bucks. I had my high school sweet heart turn to drugs, I lost contact with her for 20 years, we had a brief rekindle when we both shared the same passion for sport. I couldn't believe what a strong road cyclist She had become especially in the mountains when 20 years ago Heroin could have killed Her. A incredible life turn around. thanks Facebook for us finding each other again..Slightly off the smoking topic...😜
  15. I think Tony U, MMW joined the UN or something?🤒
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