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  1. My power numbers float all over the place. Who really cares?. if I am hurting and sweating I am training. I don't do zwift🤣
  2. Our overall Champion Richard Thompson crosses the finish line!😍
  3. Chuckie M

    NZ Ironman

    Part of the early ride was through a industrial estate and "Once we were warriors suburb", Take me back Mr Wizard...😆
  4. Chuckie M

    NZ Ironman

    St Heilers bay. Ride Sandstone hill. I think I cracked 100KMPH on there in 1998?...🤣
  5. On today .any updates?. I am currently in jail..🤣
  6. What is our covid racing future for 2021?🤒
  7. I am down for Ironman Cairns and Sunny coast 70.3 as 2020 rollovers.😜
  8. Joe Skipper next level at IMNZ if he can get in the country?
  9. That is a lot of time to spend on a elliptical trainer 🤪
  10. Chuckie M

    NZ Ironman

    Is Challenge Wanaka a pro only race now due to covid?
  11. Chuckie M

    GCN Plus

    I am on board for the $32 for the year. I am a big fan boy of GCN owning several pieces of fan kit. Would love to meet Dan Lloyd in real life go for a ride and have a beer afterwards...😜
  12. I am 50 shortly and still swim with 17 year olds. live a little. I am older than there parents..😜
  13. This is a good one to sum up lack of sleep- the movie The Machinist with Christian Bale. also great for weight loss as well. I lived a year like this in 2005 when my Dad died and The Panda left me
  14. lives a dream life.....🥰
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