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  1. fezza

    Ironman entry

    I had time to enter two people whilst at work on the only computer in the building and made three customers wait.. Where there's a will...
  2. I don't care if I had to enter last month, they can have my money and I have that commitment to keep me toasty warm this winter
  3. Thanks ) Super event, so well run and totally worth the 4 hour drive there and back! Had a blast
  4. So why do we push and push and push those people who have put their hand up to Mental Illness? Why? Why can't you let them be?
  5. fezza

    from fezza

    Hi, its me. Been a long time since I was on this site. Not since the Tour de France and that seems an age ago. It is hard to write this with the tone I feel. I am deflated and emotionally worn out. Not angry, so if you can, please try and take my words as they are. I understand that there have been a couple of posts written about me and has painted me in a very unfavourable light. I have seen bits and pieces (via third parties) and it has been very distressing to say the absolute least. No matter what you believe, who you believe, what you think or are told to think at the end of
  6. One IM this year.. and maybe one next year (but not melb)...
  7. There was a doco on a few years ago about P and P and they do commentate for other countries which is why you sometimes only get one voice for a while. The TdF just wouldn't be then TdF without them
  8. fezza

    Roth 2011

    Smoking a ciggie while putting on a wetsuit... Imagine if things went a bit wrong for this fella Great report - well done!
  9. I am having nightmares remembering all this stuff
  10. Why does anyone watch these shows... but people do and people take it as 'written law' otherwise we would have more cartoons on tele (which would be far better viewing!!!!)
  11. There was a FANTASIC interview with Cadel and the Adelaide 5AA Sports Show last night. Yes, those footy fanatics on 5AA even admitted to watching a few stages and asked some appropriate questions and if that wasnt enough - I heard Cadel giggle!!!! Top Stuff!!!
  12. Least I am drinking less coffee and eating less 'midnight' snacks!!!
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