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  1. Back in the day, I remember Jackie and Emma Carney were the best triathletes, pretty much anywhere. Always tough to separate, but Jackie was the one who never pulled out. I always respected that…and she became my favourite female triathlete. I receive this email today from a one-time rival of Jackie's, and I want to share it to remind everybody of her generosity of spirit: ….she was the first person to go in to bat for any triathletes who were hard done by - I won the Nepean Triathlon one year and there was $1000 prize money that the organisers were not going to pay out and she kicke
  2. Trannies, Thanks for those who have already contributed. This is the second and final request for participants. We need 20 more to conduct the appropriate statistical analysis. If you didn't have ten minutes spare when we originally posted, perhaps you do now? if you are seeing this request for the first time, then all the details are below. ** I invite you to participate in Byung Seok Kang’s PHD research on online communities for endurance sport athletes. I am supervising Kang’s research. It was my experience with Transitions and Kang’s own passion for endurance sports (running, cy
  3. Thanks to all those who have contributed thus far. We have a had a good response. If you now find yourself with 10mins spare, the survey is still open. If you started, got bored and tried unsuccessfully to restart, then you can always start again (we won't be using half completed surveys). We will definitely share our results with the Transitions community. Thanks again.
  4. I invite you to participate in Byung Seok Kang’s PHD research on online communities for endurance sport athletes. I am supervising Kang’s research. It was my experience with Transitions and Kang’s own passion for endurance sports (running, cycling and triathlon) that lead us to conduct this research. I have been a member of Transitions since it was created (and even Ozchat before that). I have been low key for the last few years as I drifted into ultra-marathons, but still check in occasionally, especially in the lead up to the Capricorn Half and IM NZ. In the survey, you may notice
  5. Pee Pees sentiments about this years race being much, much, much better than the 2006 event are shared by all the athletes I have spoken with the last few days...yes everybody was bummed out by what happened but all are singing the praises of the event organisers.
  6. Auckland is a few hundred kilometers from Taupo, but it is the same weather system.....Maybe the rain/winds will be less in Taupo, maybe more....clearly, this is not just any ol' windy day. MEDIA RELEASE Friday 2 March 2012 Severe weather for Auckland Aucklanders are advised to exercise caution as heavy rain and strong winds are expected across the Auckland region between Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. This raises the possibility of localised flooding and rising rivers. Over the same period, winds, especially in coastal regions, may add
  7. I am 100% certain that whatever preferences the majority of athletes want or might provide on a facebook page), the RD would have considered them as part of their assessment of the possible contingencies...and if they can't provide options like 'Race on Sunday', then there will be very good reasons why they can't push the race back. I'm with Steno, athletes do not know the big picture in these circumstances or the implications of their preferred alternatives.
  8. Taupo Ironman faces cancellation http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=10789296
  9. In 2006 one of the 'nails in the coffin' was the message from the rescue/safety crews: who is gong to rescue us before if we go out that in THAT, we will need help. Aidan estimate that there would have been a a 10%+ dnf from the swim in 2006 had it proceeded. IMHO, you could have tripled that and added to it another 20% who would have quite appropriately not started. I would also add the high likelihood of least one fatality. In 2006 they made the right decision to cancel the swim...but that might have been about the last of their good decisions in 2006...The IMNZ organisers are not Muppet
  10. The weather forecasts this morning are VERY bleak...gale force winds and heavy rain...I was a spectator in 2006 when they canceled the swim (very good decision) and half the bike (very poor decision). I think the wind this year will be at least as strong as 2006 but perhaps if it comes from another direction, the swim course might be protected. It will be interesting to see how what contingencies are in place and what lessons were learnt from 2006.
  11. I think there was an article/ anecdotal research on this issue in Inside Sport a few years ago...
  12. ...or do they do it out of ignorance: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sunday-star-times/s...ter-perfect-10/ In this article Jo Lawn states: 'A guy gave me his jacket, if I hadn't had that I wouldn't have finished'.
  13. ...and with the military units that provide most of the first aid/medical support for IMNZ deployed to ChCh, the race is on to find an alternative supplier.
  14. Lets play hypothetical. You have been asked to design a triathlon so that it 1) attracts insufficiently active people (i.e. couch potatoes) to participate and 2) leads to participants being physically active 12 months after the event. The only outcome that matters is the number of couch potatoes that are physically active 12 months after the event...don't worry about the financial viability of the event. What would this event look like? What would you do to attract the couch potatoes? How would you recruit them? What would you do to increase the probability of them becoming physical
  15. Is there another sport where one brand of equipment is used by such a large percentage of elite athketes? Why are 5-spokes the norm in track cycling...why do (alot of) triathlon race wheels tend to have three spokes (as opposed to five)? Is it true that an odd number of spokes is better than an even numbered of spokes?
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