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  1. Hey thanks all - really appreciate it. it was a pretty weird/nice surprise. Probably the best thing was I didn't even know I was nominated, and once I'd been selected to be on the list found out who nominated me who ended up being a very important person in the Australian environmental/climate activist world - so it was great to see that he'd been taking notice of some of the stuff going on out here far from Melbourne in the bush. But it's funny - the local paper did a story on it and people have been coming up saying stuff like "Congrats - don't know exactly what the list is all about
  2. Probably my favourite is this one from Sheppo in 2004. I've got my customary tilt-head which I wear when extremely stuffed - But I love this as I've just realised I can get under 4hrs 20mins if I do the last 1.1Km in <4.03mins. Got it. That memory is gold This is a totally different kettle of fish - but probably more important. It captures the exact moment that I finished doing a straight 200km run around an oval in 24 hrs for the Relay for Life in 2008 to raise money and especially in honour of my mum who'd died of cancer.
  3. I had a similar of thick black blood/puss under a thumbnail once after whacking it with a hammer (as carpenters tend to do every now and then). As time went on it got bigger and more pressure, with more pain - until I decided it needed relief at any cost - so got a small drill bit, heated it up, and drilled it thorugh just by hand. Everything was fine until it broke through, and when it did it kinda pushed through the bloodly area and into the flesh - OHMYF##KINGGOD!! It felt like someone ripped my whole arm off and my spine came out with it!! Then the pain faded away, the nail fell of
  4. Another "Celebrity Blogger" (Clementine Ford) has had a go at the disgusting use of the word "Hero" for Cadel. http://www.abc.net.a...ed/2840150.html I know I shouldn't feed trolls, but couldn't help myself.
  5. Yeah the swell down here in Southwest Vic was huge as well. The Port of Portland needed to be closed down and cargo ships were sailed 2 nautical miles offshore to stop getting thrown around close to the shore. First time I've EVER seen people surfing actually IN the port!
  6. I can't remember who had this method (Galloway?), but a pacing strategy I've tried a few times and like is to split the race into 5 equal distances. You need to know your optimum even split pace pretty well to really nail this, and that optimum pace will change even on timy things on the day (temp, your "mojo", the previous night's sleep, etc), so it's pretty hard to get right! But basically to be slightly under what you feel is your optimum even-pace (95%) for the first 2 5ths, then a little MORE than slightly over your optimum even-pace (110%) for the next 2 5ths (which should see
  7. Good work dudes, but you're still way behind Mark Webber, if the rumours are right. In 2008 he did a triathon in Spain and for T1 he had 17 assistants wearing helmets help him get his wettie off and onto the bike in under 7 seconds. Only problem was - he was doing well until the bike had a mechanical breakdown 8km into the ride...
  8. The knowledge base is just full. Like a group of old mates stuck on a week-long catchup. Sooner or later someone's going to say "Sooo... what else do you know?..." Then if/when an excited-newbie comes along and asks a genuine excited-newbie question - that was discussed at length in 2001, 2004, 2007, and then 2009 - regulars can't help but be signposts with a list of links, or give careful instructions on how to fill in the search box and hit submit. So the empire is built. It's all here - and the regulars are reduced to just hanging out and talking about Lance or who's being banned or
  9. I think it changes as we develop in life. Once upon a time I had no concept of what a successful life would be. I lived for the moment - life was simple and full of wonder. Then I started school... and increasingly saw success in life as doing the whole: get a girlfriend, get enough education to get a decent job, make lots of money and basically go out and do what the world expected of me - before retiring with a good wife/friends/money and cruising to a happy death at 100 or so. Then a series of "events" that started with my own brush with an early death, then doing some "sporting
  10. Why is that considered a lot for a pro ITU athlete? At his speed/ability that's about 7 hours swimming, 10 hours on the bike and 6 hours running. 23 hours. The pros are genetically gifted which lets them absorb more volume and more intense training than the rest of us can, and will be at LEAST as motivated to succeed in triathlon (to survive if nothing else!) as any AGér is, and will generally have access to a coach and/or support crew that helps keep them on track & injury-free. AND on top of that they don't have to work around a 9-5 job. Training IS their job. With the combination o
  11. Well this morning I was 100% focussed on other people. My goal was to finally beat a guy who I've formed a good rivalry with, and this morning I cracked it! Woo! Goals are usually best being internally based IMHO, but if you can find someone similar to go up against alongside that, it can add a LOT of fun.
  12. Actually the big island isn't the birthplace of Ironman anyway - the first few races were on Oahu. The Wiakiki rough-water swim, the the Around Oahu bike race, and then the Honolulu marathon. It was moved to the big island in the very early 80s basically for traffic/logistical reasons. I'm not saying it should be moved - I don't think it should. But it HAS moved in the past.
  13. It's AMAZING how people who never "train" to walk just can't walk properly during a race. Particularily up hills. The steepest trail hills are virtually NO slower walking but can be done with a MUCH lower heart rate. But some people run as far as they can, and then when they do finally walk are barely moving forward at all! Run/float on flats/downhill - and walk solid on uphills for recovery. If you learn to productively go up hills, it's weird/nice to then be able to actually look forward to hills! Downhills on trials are the best fun. Think of a mountainbike on feet, and roll down e
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