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  1. Became a regular donor of full blood every 3 months from age 18. After living in a malaria area was restricted to monthly plasma only. Cancer got me crossed off the donor's list for over a decade. Was only re-donating for 4-5 years before a chronic illness got me banned again. I check with them every 12 months or so, but still on the banned list. Take the extra time and fit it in early on a rest day (no long training sessions on day of donation). We need as many donors as we can get.
  2. Stick with it Ayto. It's a real pain while it's happening, but in the end you should get the access you deserve.
  3. One of the key reasons I've come back into Triathlon. Just as I was recovering from illness, I told my son he had to do sport, but he could choose. He chose triathlon and I decided to join him. Having never been fast any anything in my entire life, I figured that I'd aim for endurance and made a vow that I'd do an Ironman one day and he would be there to see it. Doing Sunny Coast in September and Cairns in 2015. Hope she lets him come back to see me cross the line.
  4. Thankfully no mental health issues personally, but do have family that suffer. Hang in there Ayto. Keep copies of everything you send to your kids, so that you can show them when they are old enough to come and ask your side of the breakup story. It may take time, but in most cases it does happen. So good to be able to show that you not being there was not due to lack of effort. First wife left me with my 6yo son 10 years ago and moved interstate. I had been ill for a couple of years and had been placed on a disability pension. (Thankfully, I slowly recovered my health and am one of th

    Game On

    The advice was gratefully accepted. Unfortunately, I still have the old bike. My new not-so-secret weapon is a wetsuit. Been a very, very busy year. Last swim was Sarina and last bike ride was 15k ride in Feb and only running once a week. My aim is to finish in front of someone for a change. Chances are, you'll have time to fly back to Mackay by the time I get over the line.

    Game On

    I'm a maybe. Not positive if I'll be there, but think it's likely. I'll decide after the Clownsville Marathon. I think the result should be compared to previous PB for those who have done a HIM and comparative to the AG average for first timers. Of course this has nothing to do with having an 8 hour PB from Yeppoon last year........ honest.
  7. The oil sands of Alberta Canada (140,000 square km) are second in size only to the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. The main reason they have not been used to date is that middle east oil is cheaper to recover. At current prices, Canadian sand oil is very profitable. The current 1m barrels per day is checken feed compared to the Middle East, but production will increase if prices remain high. There is enough oil in Alberta alone to meet current world demand for 100+ years. By then, ITER will be on board and oil will no longer be as important. Can't wait till ITER gets up & running. The e
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong ( a regular occurrence ) but wasn't that Dick Emery?
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