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  1. Prince


    1. there is a very clear and detailed strategy on the health.gov website. Please read. https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/australias-covid-19-vaccine-national-roll-out-strategy 2. There is about to be a large media campaign with this info. 3. The TGA is waiting as late as possible before approving the vaccine, to ensure they have the latest info and results from other countries. They are working with the governments timeline and evaluating all the incoming information from results from other countries. If they delay, then it would be in the best interests of our
  2. Prince


    You are looking to criticise the government when there is actually nothing yet to criticise. How about we just wait and see. FFS. How about we give them some kudos for for correctly waiting when many said, quick lets get this done in a hurry, and acknowledge getting a large percentage of the population vaccinated might just be a pretty big logistical task that relies on import times/approval and a massive distribution. Negativity will only bring you bad luck.
  3. Prince


    they were about 3 weeks to late with forming an emergency team to deal with it and also they didn't declare it as a pandemic until mid -March. The investigation has revealed that this is was due to pandering to the Chinese who didn't want this word used. Even Scomo, called it a Pandemic in February. The investigation is continuing, but as i said every announcement that they make is about 3-4 weeks too late.
  4. might as well cut the top of a drink bottle and attach a garden hose....
  5. Prince


    its not their job, however if the investigators are correct, they knew about the virus in Wuhan and did nothing along with China.
  6. Doesn't look as good though
  7. does it take much suction power to get a drink? anyone know.
  8. yup. They already have the World Series of baseball with only americans
  9. Prince


    to me the WHO's announcements are about a 3 months behind. As per the recent one, the vaccine has been out for the past 2 months at least. The horse has bolted on to the ship that has already sailed.
  10. Prince


    might just be Kyrgios year. I think he has a great head start.
  11. If you want to save some dollars but still buy a good weti, I recommend Roka. These are returned, demo models or older models though. but half the price. I ordered a sleeveless myself for Cairns Ironman last week, and it will arrive this week. So 7 days from the US which is also pretty good. https://www.roka.com/collections/virtual-warehouse
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