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  1. Biden won the debate, however its more about the coming days. He was a bit more exposed on what he said. Over the next few days, Biden will try and tidy up some of his comments on shutting down the fuel industry while Trump will hammer in on it. Biden also painted a very gloomy picture of the coming years in regards to the virus whilst Trump was more optimistic. It really depends on how people view the virus now after near 9 months.
  2. Although i don't care for him, Biden definitely came out on top in todays debate. He was well prepared it seems and spoke a lot to the camera. He did falter on his climate change response and not sure how his anti fossil fuel sentiment will go down in some States.
  3. Prince


    it supports the State Governments. lets face it, it is one of the biggest revenue spinners for the state.
  4. Prince


    it seems most of the media and the general population must be full of anti-labour sentiment then. Fancy allowing this many people to attend a horse race when those burying loved ones (some of whom have died of covid) , as a direct result by a corrupt and dishonest government is capped at 10 persons... It doesn't remotely pass the pub test, but they are not open, so i guess it doesn't matter.
  5. who wouldn't want to punch the honey badger...
  6. Prince


    Probably because Scomo reads the news and knows that there are no infections in NZ and the vic borders are open and that the States have their own rules re borders. Perhaps Dan and merv should follow the news....
  7. Another great script and directing from Aaron Sorkin being the ‘Trial of the Chicago 12’ on Netflix.
  8. mind you, if covid continues for another 12 mths, you may see some more movies released for rental at normal cinema prices. Not necessarily major blockbusters, but certainly academy award movies
  9. Bond Movie now not being released until possibly April next year for anyone interested. This will be the same for most 'big' movie releases as they are all released world wide at the same time. Cinemas have now cut most hours and even shutting on some days.
  10. Trumps message is clear: Do not be afraid of the virus (provided you have access to a team of ten doctors and experimental drugs)
  11. he is fit so it won't affect him too bad....
  12. yes, i do agree. It will be interesting if Trump can hold back in the remaining debates. He is such a great campaigner though
  13. here's the deal. Biden really just had to survive this first debate and Trump just had to throw a few punches. No clear winner at all in my book. It also certainly wouldn't get me out to vote which is half the battle.
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