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  1. Is this a qualifying race for Feb Kona 2021 ?
  2. Maybe they can roll down some spots to races already Done .
  3. TThomo

    Bucket list races

    As long a I can get down the river will tick this off in Feb . Very Nervous About This One Can Paddle A Bit But No Real Experience In White Water. Just Got To Stay In The Boat .
  4. Had to Stop For A Couple Of Bears Crossing The Road On The Bike Course @ Ironman Whistler Canada .
  5. Done a bit of a race report if your interested .
  6. Well finally back in australia after about 7 weeks so ill try to remember a bit about Wales Ironman . Good news the weather gods turned it on for race day . Firstly the anthem at the start is just something you have experience for yourself words will never describe it just spine tingling and straight after that they played thunderstruck so your pretty much ready to go after that . With no warm up swim allowed I still wasn't sure how cold this was going to be as I hadn't been in the water at all , I do like to have a warm up swim to set the goggles and get a bit of a feel for it
  7. Not any time soon on a cruise of Norway , but I am walking normally now 😊
  8. Biggest Crowds I've seen at a race , Saundersfoot Hill Had Thousands Up there and that gave you a pretty good lift up there , Back in town the later it got I think the more pissed they got and the louder it got , It was just a fantastic experiance ( although wasn't saying that with 2 laps to go on the run)
  9. Probably no chance of roll down might be 2 spots , won’t go down to 8th.
  10. Thanks Mate , Had a pretty good day overall
  11. Lived up to all expectations , toughest race I’ve ever done . From the Anthem to the crowd support and don’t forget that course was everything they said it would .
  12. Thanks Mate , with numer #2329 my pink bag will be about 50 from the top of that ramp so will put my shoes on at the top , not sure how crowed that will be and weather to take wetsuit off there or at T1 My TT Bike doesn’t have the best braking capabilities so will be taking it easy down some of them descents . cheers mate .
  13. Been here a couple days bikes racked , no escaping now . weathers been good and looking pretty good for tomorrow .
  14. Won the weather Lottery by the looks of that
  15. I can send you photos if you like , Its getting better and will be Ok Come Sunday ,....I think (Probably Would Have been better off not mentioning it in Hind site )
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