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  1. Noosa Legends are able to enter from today until March , I decided to get mine out of the way and shared my Noosa link on Facebook, a lot of my friends clicked on the link and have entered as well , seems a loop hole but a good one 👍
  2. Geeeez you speak some shit Ron !! 55-59 cruiser group ????? I guess that will change when you reach that age group! I raced Kawana yesterday 55-59 , came 2nd would have came 3rd in 50-55, The guy who won Noosa 55-59 was a minute quicker than the winner of 50-54 yep certainly the cruisers !!😡
  3. plugga

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I changed my wave start from legends to age group, which added 2 hours into my start time. starting at 8.40 made sure the heat and swell were certainly up and was in for a long day , Luckily I did picking up 2nd 55-59 male Fantastic event as usual and will be back for # 24 next year 🤔
  4. plugga

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I thought all legends got free vip trackside invite ?? I’ve had it for the last few years 😳
  5. plugga

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Just changed from Legends wave to age group and now start 2 hours later 😳
  6. Very sad about kerbside ☹️
  7. The chocolate is the best !! I’ll agree it’s not for everyone, I have a shake for breakfast then on night shift, instead of stopping and picking up a dirty servo pie I’ll have a man shake :))
  8. Try the Man Shake !! I was hovering around 86kg and not getting any lighter, started the man shake at the start of the year and now sitting on 73kg , my race times have dropped heaps !! Working shift work plays havoc with your diet and training, the man shake was an easy fix :))
  9. Totally agree, my next age group ( in 2 years time ) I would have been on the podium and 10 seconds off second place 😳
  10. My splits, 21.46 1.03.27 42.35 2.12.15 17th 55-59 5th Aussie home not sure why they made us old farts go 2nd last wave ??? The wind was howling by then 😳
  11. Thanks Mate for all your work and efforts hope to catch up at port ..... an original Ozfatter
  12. Phew Looks like I’ll scrape in !! Currently 13th on 64 points , I decided to save a grand and not race St Kilda ,lucky I’m on old bastard and makes qualifying heaps easier , although it’s doesn’t seem fair you race in your current age group but qualify in the age group above depending on your age, gives you a huge advantage! Oh well I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow 😡
  13. plugga

    Rio Team

    I wouldn't right Ash off v Gwen in the run, when you consider the amount of work Ash does making ground up on the bike . Ash has to be a certainty ...Smash it Ash !!!
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