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  1. 1996 Wollongong - NSW state standard distance championships - you and Grant Webster drafted for 15k then I dropped you on a hill. Webbie caught me half through the run and you got me at the finish line. Then we got drunk
  2. I was there that day - yes very slippery roads, and sleet started during the bike. I was shivering like a leaf in T2
  3. Over time we get to reflect on races we did at different times in our lives. Sometimes races of resilience or meaning take precedent over races that have a PB outcome. I came from a swimming background where hard work wasn't necessarily rewarded - genetics often trumped hard work and toughness. I remember being in a lift at the 1991 Pan Pac swimming championships in Canada with Matt Biondi and Tom Jager - between them they had 8 Olympic gold medals. Tall. long limbed big hands and feet. Light bulb moment for fast swimmers and why they are fish. I've always said that Triathlon gives you wh
  4. Nice work and the flap at the back works too For those at home and thinking about the poor folks in the Hunter region with this weather event 'oldschool69...back in 1975 beat the great Luke Grattan from Canberra at the Lake Macquarie Triathlon to take out the overall win and $10,000 winner's cheque.
  5. It's lose you moron...you'd think you would know how to spell the word after seeing the back of me so many times in your pissant triathlon career
  6. Plenty of times mate. Particularly the last few years. My mum getting cancer threw me out some years ago. As a person who reflects and finds meaning in things Triathlon just didn't seem like a pursuit that made sense at the time. I still did a few races, but didn't feel it. My closest friends do triathlons so being at races and training gave purpose and an important social network. When she passed away in December I felt like I needed to be back in the game and have done two races since. When my brother died it was also at a time when I had young kids/babies. Triathlon was not on th
  7. Cracking day yesterday. 1700 in the sprint entered. Rolling starts. I've done this race for 16 years and never felt safer on course. The rolling starts won me over from a safety and field spread perspective. Had a decent race. Came 8th. Felt comfortable and enjoyed it. Post-race old school kicked in until late in the evening
  8. I grew up reading about and watching the era of marathoners that included Deek, Salazar, Gomez, Monagetti, Rod Dixon, Bill Rodgers et al. The first generation triathletes figured the runners marathon was 2 hours, and so was our olympic distance events so the nutrition needs were similar. Tri magazines weren't a thing yet and we poured over info on what to eat before races and during race week etc. The thinking at the time was carbo loading...eat minimally, particularly carbs, to the point of fasting, then super load in the last 48 hours in the hope that your glycogen stores would ove
  9. Tried calf raises and stretching for years - chronic calf strains every few weeks no matter what I did. Changed running shoe brands after years (after a suggestion from a friend) with the same one. Problem went away. It was remarkable.
  10. Interesting discussion. I'd use the analogy of learning guitar. The chords and finger placement on the fret board are slow and cumbersome at first. The strumming half time. After a while the speed increases while the efficiency is maintained. Build the seamless stroke then increase like the advice above otherwise yes its flailing and youré missing all the key notes.
  11. I'd rather not take endurance sport advice from a former long jumper...
  12. Strength, durability, ability. elasticity, aging, performance, biomechanics, miles on the clock, body type, strength to weight, training volume per week, parenting, work demands, relationship maintenance all come into the mix. And it's just a hobby. You can't idealise strength training or swim bike run - again, it doesn't work like that. No one has the perfect life, body, or training program. My point is when I read about suggestions of adding ''strength training'' to an already busy and demanding schedule then you're losing the point of the sport. Fun and a healthy lifestyle. D
  13. 20 pushups - 20 upright rows (7 kilo hand weights) - 20 bicep curls - 20 dips continuous x 5 or 20 upright rows - 20 squats - 20 lunges x 5
  14. Geezuz...I didn't say I don't do any strength training - on the contrary. It doesn't negate decline - which is the word you used. Now you write 'help in negating the aging effects...' which is partly true. I've seen many people leave this sport because coaches prescribed stupid amounts of strength training on top of 4 x swim bike runs a week and it is untenable. Heading off to the gym after squad at 6.30 at night because coach has told me I have to do some shit on a swiss ball. Go home to your family... In all my years and all my incalculable number of errors in training, loads,
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