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  1. At uni I managed a 38min 10km after taking care of a 6-pack of XXXX... Think I ate some leftover pizza to go with it.
  2. I once went for a drink in this place where the ladies were very talented at using poles...
  3. trilobite

    Worn rims

    So for those keen on saving a $, would it be cheaper in the long run to replace worn discs (easily enough done - have done this for a mtb on commuting duty), rather than replace rim-braking wheels when the rims are cactus (presumably uneconomic to rebuild the wheel to keep the spokes and hubs?)? That is, maybe there’s a business case for disc brakes?
  4. If I’m not mistaken, Shortis was a professional? (ie in his case, isn’t time spent training the equivalent of doing a 9 to 5?)
  5. Pat Rafter and Newk halo effect back when we were doing well at Davis Cup 😉
  6. But the reason the drop shot serve works for him is: (a) his typical 1st serve is north or 190km/h which pushes some returners (eg Thiem) metres behind the baseline (ie if they were doing an Andre Agassi and striking the return inside the baseline, they would comfortably reach it) (b) he disguises it really well Tactically not really that different to a ~150km/h slider out wide
  7. “And by the way, I’m going to need some ‘quality sleep’ to recover properly afterwards to be ready for my 1 hour recovery ride and 2.5 hour long run tomorrow, so you’ll need to get up to the little guys during the night”.
  8. I’ll make the observation that some pundits may not appreciate just how accommodating their spouse is (eg “Bye [insert affectionate name for spouse]. I’m off for my 6 hour long ride, with 1 hour run tagged on. Have fun with [insert 5 year old name, 3 year old name and 1 year old name, who have been waking up during the night and are awake from 5:XX am]!”)...
  9. For an organisation that loved to talk about showing some love to loyal customers... Anyone else not felt the love from WTC with refunds, transfers, etc in the past 🤔
  10. You need a set of those $6,000 aero bars on you race bike
  11. trilobite


    If you’re thinking about gatorskins, you might also want to look at schwalbe marathons. Besides being able to get 1,000s of puncture-free kms out of them, you won’t need a pet gorilla to get them on the rim.
  12. It is true you can get a decent 4.5m quintex (plus trailer and late model outboard) for less than this: https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/a/triathlon-time-trial-bikes/specialized/vic/richmond/2020-s-works-shiv-disc-da-di2-sale/106642356
  13. Imagine how good Tim Tufuga would have been with equipment like that 🤔
  14. My roadie, MTB and TT cost well short of that combined...
  15. That must have been a year when there was more than one in that category.
  16. trilobite

    Trail runs

    Brisbane - land of (in no particular order, AP, yoyo and Tim Tufuga)
  17. trilobite

    Trail runs

  18. trilobite

    Trail runs

    So I’ve signed up for a 50km trail event in a little over 6 months. Only timed runs >20km I’ve done have had a swim and bike warm up beforehand. Any tips to share?
  19. Do there guys have a good story? https://www.instagram.com/corky.co/?hl=en
  20. My mum always told me I was special...
  21. How many Noosa tris is Trifun up to now?
  22. This guy? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Foster_(woodchopper) He even partners with Boonie for charitable events.
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