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  1. I think he advocates Kung Fu slippers?
  2. trilobite

    Chain lube

    I’ve since delegated having my bike ready to my soigneur.
  3. I don’t have a strong view on what a “category solution” might look like... But having a real job (which in all likelihood requires more than 40 hours per week) compared to training being your job is chalk and cheese.
  4. His latest one doesn’t look like it’s the Defender?
  5. trilobite

    Run Dynamics

    I didn’t know the Victorian Chief Health Officer was into triathlon coaching...
  6. No point this morning - it wasn’t raining
  7. trilobite

    Magpies 2020

    No ducks or dachshunds on today’s run
  8. trilobite

    Magpies 2020

    Got chased by a duck minding its ducklings today 🦆 Also went past another sausage dog, but this one was tame.
  9. Not if you do them once the showers have developed.
  10. He would have suggested Thursday as well if he wanted it badly enough?
  11. Is there any other col worth doing repeats of at 4am in the rain?
  12. But what if they finish in over 13 hours or haven’t been doing hill repeats at 4am in the rain?
  13. Ex suggested I could try racing in disguise 🤔
  14. I thought AP went to pie shops with PJ?
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