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  1. Most states are quite tight on this now. It is affectionately known as the "Good Samaritan law." Here is a run down of the various states: https://emergencylaw.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/good-samaritan-legislation-a-comparison/
  2. Sarah Crowley to back up from Cairns and win again.
  3. Jade Lean warranty officer DERBY CYCLE AUSTRALIA pty ltd PO Box 8007 Grange, SA 5022 Ph: +61 (8) 8447 7746 Fax: +61 (8) 8312 2039 E-Mail: j.lean@Derby-cycle.com.au Websites: http://www.focus-bikes.com | www.cervelo.com | www.kalkhoff-bikes.com
  4. A few days a week I will fast till lunch time. Or Bacon and Eggs, or breakfast smoothie. 1 cup water 1 tablespoon chia seeds ½ avocado 150ml organic coconut cream ½ cup frozen organic raspberries 2 cups spinach 2 teaspoons coconut oil 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 serve (30g) WPI 1 tray ice
  5. Interesting how people think that if you offer prize money which lures people to travel to a destination and race is not put aside before the race to hand to the winners on the podium. Who knows if there was drug testers there, even if there was so what. For example Hell of the West. They have been paying out to age groupers and the pro's for years. The whole "Not paying until the results get back" argument is poor, and perhaps why events such as Hell of the West are held in such high regard.
  6. Trying to see the analogy. Professionals race for prize money. They are not buying cars of other items for $1. If they lend there name to something surely liable to pay the bill and take civil action against their contractor. Pros earn 2/5ths of nothing and them to not pay when you do is poor form and bad for business.
  7. As they say in the classics a confidential and reliable source has informed me that payment for Challenge Jeju (Korea) hasn't been made since September 24, 2016 The deserved recipients have been emailing the organisers and challenge staff to have it resolved. Seems like a stalemate since the race organiser is now insolvent. People often bag ironman for having crappy athlete services but seems challenge are the same. The initial enquiry to Belinda Granger who now works for Challenge Hi Belinda, Thank you for keeping everyone informed with regards to the Jeju prize money. W
  8. Harts


    I know nothing of your diet so please don't take this as anything more then general advice. Go see you GP and ask them to send you for some blood tests and get your CRP (C Reactive Protein) measured. It is a biomarker of inflammation. http://www.healthline.com/desktop-article/c-reactive-protein?m=0&rw2&stickytmr2=true&stickytimelb1=3&stickydepthtmr2=25&inlinetlbmargin=-9#Overview1 If it is high then I would suggest removing sugars and processed carbohydrates from your diet and replace with healthy fats.
  9. I have a set now of the 2017 wheels (59mm) and used them the other day. Seem very good.
  10. Continental GP4000sii http://flocycling.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/flo-cycling-a2-wind-tunnel-tire-study.html
  11. EDITED. To Ben's credit he made contact with me this morning about the wheels and has made it right.
  12. Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer. Good condition includes Pro flywheel and riser ring. $400. Located in Brisbane and due to weight would be good for local pickup.
  13. There is a really good doco out now on Wheat and why you should avoid at all costs. Since 1989 it has been sprayed with Glyphosate (Roundup) to control pests, weeds and increase the economic yield of the crop. Roundup is supposed to be safe for humans and only effect plants and bacteria. The argument is that we are 10 times the bacterial cells then human cells via the stomach. It causes leaky gut and the diseases flow from that. There are many arguments that since its use on wheat started that is when we saw increase in mental health issues. If you cast your mind back to 1989 the i
  14. Do 80% of your training at 180-your age. Do the other 20% at full blast.
  15. Roth was a 179km bike leg last year, Swim and run dead on. Roads are perfect quality perhaps that helps. 250 000 spectators on course help also. Flat out getting 2000 people interested in watching one here.
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