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  1. Anyone has enough stored fuel for 2hrs of training / racing. The same time it takes these guys to run a marathon. Add in a few drinks they consume during the event and boom. Thing is 99% of people can't do this. The study also doesn't highlight the effects to their long term health post racing.
  2. I agree completely with this. One of the biggest myths is LCHF causes high cholesterol which in turn will make you get heart disease and or heart attack. This podcast with one of Australia's leading experts on the topic is excellent. http://thewellnesscouch.com/rfr/rfr-72-cholesterol-fats-and-the-impact-of-lchf-on-your-pathology-with-ken-sikaris
  3. and listen to her podcast. Sometimes not super interesting. Others very interesting.
  4. Think I would be $40 out of pocket with private health. Small investment really.
  5. if you can do that in 2 minutes then good on you. 1 minute of that is blending. I have that about 4 mornings each week so everything is in containers. As mentioned when this style of eating is mentioned it is always met with resistance. Too hard, too long, too expensive. etc etc. Hence why people who eat this way often don't like to contribute as you always get shot down for being too hard etc etc. Aren't you massively injury prone when running now? I Challenge you to try it, drop the grains, eat a diet low that would result in low inflammation and see what the result are. I truely hope y
  6. One word. THERMOMIX. I know it is a cult and all but they rock. IP depending on what you cook it in about 1000 or so. But I bet you are full for hours.
  7. Like anything at the start you have to invest a little more effort then it just kicks in. I used My fitness Pal to log foods for about 3 months. When you started doing TRI you used to have to invest more time learning the basics. Then you just did what works. Same with food really. But just like in TRI or life every now and then you need to revisit what you do and see if you can do it better. It isn't all about Bacon and Eggs. I try for 2 serves of vege per meal. 2 Serves of Fat. 1 serve of protein. For example breakfast could be. Ingredients 1 cup water 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  8. Shit no. I spread butter on cheese if I get stuck for an option at work.
  9. If I have a rest day then I should consume 2200 cals per day. If you consume more fats it will satisfy you more then carbs will. You could consume a heap more food on a low fat diet if you specifically look at calories, but the Calorie in V Calorie out approach has proven itself to be very wrong. And exactly what RBR said. I know how many cals each hour I will need to consume in glycogen in a race at specific intensity levels. There is a new acronym on the block. JERF = Just Eat Real Food. Personally I am happy if it is always left of centre in terms of eating as it will remain chea
  10. Steph LOWE is the bomb if you are looking for professional help. She does phone / skype consults if your live anywhere other then Melbourne or your can visit her personally if you live there. tonight I am having Chicken Parma http://www.thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/clean-chicken-parma/
  11. This is a ketogenic approach. There is no need to go so low unless you get diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Then do it shorter term until everything is under control again. I personally went and had some metabolic testing. Worked out baseline energy requirements and add 800cals (approx) per hour. Then basically ate at 65% Fat, 20% Protein 15% carbs. Have your carbs post training. If it is intense training then have some complex carbs like bananas sweet potato even rice if you need to. If you have a rest day then back off the carbs more. Don't be a Nazi on yourself when there is a soc
  12. getting off it might ruin your life more. There is a study out where eating heaps of quality fats increases your sex drive astronomically. Go back to the low fat way and you'll never shag your wife again.
  13. Harts

    SRAM etap (again)

    This build Fusion in Brisbane did has it. R5 California with lightweight wheels. Don't like the bottle cages but. https://www.facebook.com/fusioncyclesbne/photos/a.467081513306843.120304.216119758403021/1228733863808267/?type=3&theater
  14. There's a brand at the expo here in Noosa. Seemed OK. Just can't remember what they were now. If anyone drops in this arvo could they post.
  15. The front end will have a lot to do with it. I recently had some back pain but only on longer rides after I dropped by the road bike and TT front ends. Only came on after 4hrs or so. Lifted it 15mm and no problem. You are a tradesman surely you could rig something to put under the elbow pads to raise them up and visit a local bolt and fastener store to get something that will work. Check out how Luke Durbridge lifts his up. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=front+end+of+luke+durbridge%27s+TT+bike&es_sm=91&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=CUV5U8uuF8WjkgXP-YAI&ved=
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