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  1. bulldog


    Perth Royal Shoe was cancelled today - best news ever , my son disagrees.
  2. bulldog


    Please B@W , Qantas club is for FIFO and american express card holders - you really need to get into the business lounges here. Also sorry to dissapoint you "California Pizza Kitchen" went into receivership a few years ago. Never got there to compare it to the USA versions.
  3. Hey Foz , do you have air con in your car or just wind down the window?
  4. and is able to afford triathlon!!!! get more on job seeker
  5. A couple of Cervelo 3;s
  6. it gets cold South of Perth but have risen in negatives in Perth
  7. DC rainmaker put something out how to upload without garmin connect - too hard so i will wait until Garmin have paid goldman from India
  8. My wife thinks i train 20 hours a week - she doesn't know that 8 of those hours are in a coffee shop
  9. i think the owner of flight centre bought his son a bike chain and called it 99 bikes - also a distribution company called Advance traders who are the reps for BMC in Australia - starting to see why dealing with BMC was painful. but back on the topic - Shimano Di2 is flawless,
  10. Because Ironman in Australia is an eastern states run company i would say they don't want to pay their staff to sit around for the WA 14 day quarantine? if the hard boarders come down IMWA might go ahead.
  11. The builder will just add $25k to the price
  12. I went from A BMC TM01 to a P3 - that was an expensive mistake as i wish i got a P3 in the 1st place,
  13. the 2xu jackets are very good.
  14. def like the big climbs and shorter flat stages so its just not a gorilla finish. The other thing is more data coming back to the viewer i.e. HR and Power - the 2 things that can tell if you are cheating on virtual racing and then the average rider can compare numbers these guys are putting out - if they are too good then the red flags go up etc. Who cares if the other teams know if you are tired and they attack - just take the radios away and then its all kept within the peloton
  15. are they running 2 Kona's next year? March & October?
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