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  1. An update to close my problem - all solved, and even with my poor tech / IT knowledge it was reasonably simple. Just before deciding to go the extender/booster option, I was talking to a workmate who sent me a link to a CNet "How-To ..." article. In my non-tech language, it changed the old WiFi modem/router to an extender. Following the CNet instructions, I changed a couple of settings on the old router to make it an Access Point. Then I ran a long Ethernet cable from the upstairs NBN modem / router downstairs and connected it to the old router. Now I get 5G WiFi downstairs for the c
  2. Yes, when I am upstairs near the modem and check the phone WiFi settings it give me 2 choices - my home Network name with 5G, and another option with just the home Network name (I assume 4G ?). Other tech stuff upstairs near the modem also indicates 5G connection. But when I am downstairs, the phone WiFi settings only has the home Network name 4G, (without the extra 5G). I just checked the Apple TV connection settings - it defaults to the "usual" (4G ?) network connection with 4 out of 5 bar strength. It also has the option of 5G connection, but that only shows 1 bar strength.
  3. Yes, need the Companion app for the same reasons - to use Power ups, in game messaging, Ride-On's etc. The Apple TV remote is so difficult to use.
  4. Recently started having Zwift Conmpanion app problems, any ideas on solutions are welcome, pls. Sorry if my techno language is poor, here goes.... The set-up is Apple TV 4th gen, using Companion app on an iPhone 7+, with Quark Dzero power & cadence, Viiiiva HRM, located in the pain cave under the house. WiFi is a Billion router/modem, we are on NBN, sometimes the iPhone settings say 4G, other times it says 5G, the signal has to go through about 5 walls and then floor boards. There are no drop-outs on the Apple TV WiFi connection and it holds the signal, but recently sometimes t
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