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  1. No update on the course or changes which is always concerning!!
  2. And then take out of that 770 Victorians and soon to be NSW competitors.......
  3. Did a training session with an ex-Olympian (silver medal) years ago and he said exactly the same. Breath when you need to breath not when someone says you should be breathing. Since then I just breath when I need oxygen.
  4. I was behind a male P plater last week at a set of lights and they had the phone stuck to the windscreen - they were watching a TV show or movie ffs. Just don't understand what can be so important that the message must be responded to within 30sec of receiving it, or 3 minutes or even 30 minutes........ I can say unequivocally that none of these matters or messages or emails are life and death. Not sure how much clearer it has to be - put the phone away, lock it in the boot or the glovebox. The world is not going to fall apart during a drive to work or to the shops. Caught once
  5. In the context of actually speaking in tutorials and lectures. Even in general discussion they were warned that using gender specific language could offend. This was quite apart from actual academic writing.
  6. Well if the left wing run Uni's didnt ban gender specific language then maybe the rules may have been a little clearer. My son started Uni this year and was astounded that in the first lecture they were instructed not to use gender specific pronouns or language - they had to be gender neutral so as not to offend any one .....................................ffs.
  7. At least AP tries to be constructive at times and other times he is just throwing our the bait and people on here take it........
  8. I hear you crazy buggers also do repeats up O'Reilly's to Alpaca's. That's about 14km is it? - 3 times up and then run up for 20 minutes and back down.
  9. Yep distance is the same, starting time the same and the bizarre thing is there is no issue cycling or swimming - only running. And Willie would love to upgrade but for kids in private schools!!!! But thanks for the input
  10. For the tech heads out there have sync'd my movescount account with strava. It works fine with cycling and swimming but with running the times are all out - ie sometimes over a minute per km. Now I assume this has something to do with my run settings on movescount. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. A few of you blokes need to just go back on the other discussion and just keep telling everyone what training you have done in the last day and what time you got up. If you actually read what AP is saying he is spot on. Tiger Woods said at his peak that there were 5000 players in the world with the same golfing talent. He was just mentally stronger. Good post AP.
  12. The Honey Badger has actually a great story - one which a few on here should read. He has 7 brothers and sisters who have been raised essentially by his father (his mother walked out on the family). He quite Australian rugby I think in 2014 to travel to Japan for more $$ which he has used to support his dad and siblings. Sacrificed playing for his country to help out his family.
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