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  1. Let us hope that Ken thinks twice before retiring. Hope that he is around for a long, long time. He is a number one gentleman. Will just share with you that when the Green Machine passed away in 2007 a short time after his funeral I received a cheque from Ironman for the entire amount of the entry into 2007. I was deeply touched as I knew the rules about reimbursement. He also came all the way down to Sydney for Ian's funeral. I will be forever grateful and proud that I know him and always get a hug. So pleased that you managed to get another bib, that number would be important.
  2. Hi Nealo, You beat me to it. I am thinking how it can be a mid-life crisis to watch to do such a gruelling race. Maybe now Channel 9 might think to show us Port Macquarie Ironman. Channel 11 has played Melbourne god knows how many times now!!! We might all rest our case. Pam
  3. Hi CB, It was good to meet up with you again and meet your parents at the beer mile. Hope you come back to Port too, see tonight that it is on the 5th of May, so time for you to recover from IM Melb? Anyway you are an Ironman again and hope to meet you again one day. Love Pam x
  4. Congratulations, and also to your partner for accepting the hand of an Ironman. Hope you come back next year, maybe as Mr and Mrs. Nice to meet you and I took the green sticker to the finish line but you had finished and then I took it to the beer mile.,
  5. Congratulations, good read, and great achievement. You are an Ironman xx
  6. Oh Catherine I am so glad you sent me that pm to let me know your report was up. CONGRATULATIONS, you are an Ironman and one of the true blue ones of the sport. It was an honour and a joy to catch you on the finish line. It is such a busy place but so nice to be able to see someone crossing the line that you know has done the HARD yards and come across the line. I am so proud of you. Like me you have had a tough battle, losing the love of your life and I am so pleased that you, being a young person, has found a new love and a bonus someone who also loves this sport as you do and compete
  7. Hi there, I expect you will all shout me down, I am not sure, but what a boring race IM Melbourne looked to me. I have been going to AUSTRALIAN IRONMAN NEW SOUTH WALES now for 17 years and have always found inspiration from everyone. I obtained nothing from IM Melbourne and am pleased that, even if it is only for one more year, according to the knockers, that Port has the AUSTRALIAN Ironman once more. Whilst some of you were still in your short pants the legends of Australia, of this sport, kept NSW race going, through all the thickness and thinness of it all for 27 years. It is gre
  8. Sorry PP I mean Penthouse Pet not Wet, typographical error......
  9. For those of you who do not know the male and female winners of the Ian Green Legends Award were won by, for the female, a lady called Rita Sutton from Cycos who I spoke to at the race and of course Paul Every doing his 25th Ironman. It was awesome that he won this, this year,as he says it will be his last and also the fact that Ian and Paul knew each other. Paul as you know is a prolific runner, does lots of runs. Not sure how many marathons, et cetera, he would or Diane would have to fill you on his achievements. But Ian did 70 odd marathons in his life as well as completing 11 Australian
  10. Hi Everyone, I have not got time to read this thread in about 10 minutesI will be on the finishing line. Have high fived just about every trannie that has been wearing a hat on the run so far. The atmosphere is enormous and the winner is in. I have had such a buzz this year and enjoyed it all. I cannot name every trannie that I have high fived but they are all out there. Hope you are all watching IM Live. Hey Ho better go and soak up the atmosphere of the finish line. Love Mrs Chat xxx
  11. Thank you for my sticker and would you believe that my armband for the finishingline is green!!!!!! I will try and be there for your finish. Hope she does not say no....... No, I am sure she will not and see you at the finishing line or at the Beer Mile.,
  12. Wow good to catch up with a few trannies the last couple of days. Apologies to Clown Boy and he knows why. Good carbo night, food okay but company for me was good, I was invited to be with the legends and sat with a few and enjoyed meeting up with them and being in their company. The atmosphere was great and top marks to all athletes for the quietness - I have never been to one function where you have not had to fight the noise. Tonight was exceptional and really I could hear every word of the presentations. Just want to say if I don't see any of those that I have not seen and even th
  13. Hey Ripas, I don't think you know me but I am a bit notorious. I would love a sticker please. After all the Green Machine was a member of this site and you are so great to have a greensticker., So maybe at the swim on Friday am I can get one. Maybe one of you doing the event can think of me and I can wear it at the suitable time on the finishing line where I will be catching people later on in the evening and have another job to do on the finishing line too, which is very exciting. So please if you think of me can you save me a sticker. Thank you very much. I have had problems with Tel
  14. Hi Mr P, I will look forward to meeting up with you again and I forgot to wish you many happy returns yesterday. Read where it was your birthday and meant to say hi to you. Hope you had a good day and got thoroughly spoilt. I guess you won't be at Club Champs. I managed to get a lift up there and back on Sun morn so I am going up to work on the finishing line. But if you are not there see you at Port. Take care. Pam
  15. Wow, I have not been on here in an age. I guess there are still the same old same old s---t stirrers on here. Very amusing. All I will say is that thanks to the LEGENDS of the sport in this country you can thank your lucky stars that you still have IM in Australia. It would be sad for this legendary unique scheme to be stopped, the legends that is, because I don't believe that this occurs for any other Ironman. You can correct me on that I may be wrong but it is great to have them. I for one am proud to be a supporter of an IM in NEW SOUTH WALES, It is not a triathlon friendtly state but
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