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  1. Don't worry, I've humiliated myself a couple of times up there and didn't have to pay anyone!!
  2. You didn't get it... obviously. I was originally posting in reply to someone who lives on the sunny coast that thought Razorback was the steepest climb he'd ever done, and proceeded to point out a few more that were steeper, in his own backyard , and indicated that maybe he should broaden his horizons. I've done most steep climbs in the GC and SC Hinterlands, both gravel and *cough* tarmac, and reckon Postmans Track would 'bust' most punters..... let alone triathletes! But sadly, it's not included in this latest 'Fondo'. :/
  3. Okay, maybe (just, if you take the overall average, and we know they mean diddly squat) But I'll 'see' your Razorback and 'raise' you a Postmans.
  4. Now that he's 'warmed up', he might want to go and blow all those 'hipsters' away in the IPWR!! Still got 3 days to get to Freo Mitch. Top job anyway.
  5. You live on the Sunshine Coast and think Razorback is steep!! I think you need to get out more.... Duck over to Aherns Rd and do Postmans Track. Or Phillipps Rd off Dulong, or Obi Obi. Where do I stop?
  6. This is the scumbag that we speak of. http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/accused-hit-and-run-killer-geoffrey-sleba-released/2315896/
  7. YES. Just been reading the Coronial Inquest findings. VERY interesting. A leopard doesn't change it's spots.
  8. Exactly Goughy. How does someone like this sleep at night, especially knowing the cops have raided his place looking for further evidence. The thought of 'owning up' probably never entered his mind. I really hope this is taken into account in court and this fcuking coward goes down for a big stretch. And if so, plaster it across every conceivable news outlet possible. Scum like that need to be made an example of.
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