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  1. Yeah james pulled a muscle doing some surf lifesaving and shuffla is a bit sore from the airbags and seatbelt but is ok
  2. The Biden admin has no say In anything till jan 20
  3. Asking for a friend Any local Canberra folk able to help out on Sunday crewing at the triple tri athlete has one crew member but another would be handy , pretty cruisy and fun day to be had PM Me for details if keen
  4. Canyon Oz (And EU) are great and very very easy to deal with probably a lot easier than some bike shops these days bikes are amazing and great value especially in the mid to high end you won’t get better with German enginering thrown in
  5. Mrs IP has some and rates them very high she’s never had a pair of goggles that don’t leak till these and I think about $80 a pair and came in a week , so pretty good for custom made
  6. Nice ride but there is no way that is nearly 9000 m of gain 5000 m max More like 4500 ( I live at the bottom of buffalo So know multible reps of buffalo well including a fatbike Everest ) mrs ip and I have done buffalo (dingo dell) ,Then hotham , Then buffalo (Dingo dell) Rides and they arnt quite 6000 m so bright to dingo dell X3 wouldn’t be any more than 5000m
  7. Not to bring any facts into this like clintred did , but if you watch this interview with the race director of both Kona and the half IM camps it will tell you that a two day race will never happen at Kona , and also that the IMWC will allways be held at kona
  8. Sodium/electrolyte use is the most neglected part for 99% of ironman age group racing and training most folks should be useing 1500mg per hr and some like myself need upto 3000mg per hr
  9. Yes but one person might be as aero as a brick and the other super slippery, so can’t do any comparison a lot also depends on how you rode to get those 220 watts , tyre type , brand , tubbie V clincher and pressure etc etc
  10. ironpo

    Dave and crowie

    I’m hopeing I can be in as good shape as dave is at 65 one of the better videos u can watch on tris , (and life) lots of great advice and wisdom bit boring at start but once they get into it , very good https://www.triathlete.com/2019/05/training/dave-scott-and-craig-alexander-on-bricks-carbs-and-what-makes-a-world-champ_377874?fbclid=IwAR1SzAEnr4Jx468wI6sFQjpiYKVvpJZ8rQtirunxjq-sXaGK1MBG6N4nrUo
  11. ironpo

    Bike v's car

    Agreee just a matter of time , before something happens I’d never ride in the shite , but then again if had to live. In that I’d never drive in that crap either so what are the options ? got less chance of being killed driving I suppose but that just adds to the problem and frustration of living in a way to overcrowded city 🌃 helicopter to work or move I suppose niether option not available to most
  12. ifvyou want to learn about this issue , and how fffnn complex it is then watch this
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