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  1. I'm arriving on the 19th and flying out on the 26th. Have a group of friends going. Apparently the plan is to ride each morning then watch the Tour on TV at a local pub or wherever it's showing, except for a couple of days of wineries tours. This is the proposed ride itinerary so far: Leaving North Terrace at 7am most days... Tue 20th Gumeracha via Campbelltown Wed 21st Stirling Thu 22nd Corkscrew Hill via Blackhill conservation park Fri 23rd Maybe Glenelg via city beaches Sat 24th 9am start to Wilunga Hill to watch Stage 5 Sun25th TBC If anyone wanted to join us I'm sure
  2. My first labour was approximately 3.5hrs and my second 1hr. I had no morning sickness and was able to exercise the whole way through both. I reckon ironman is way harder than that. Dealing with 2 teenage daughters though.... would much rather be doing an ironman
  3. I went through a stage when everytime I ran I would need to go to the toilet when I was running, including blood. In fact, got to the point there was only blood coming out. I went to a sports doctor and then the gastroenterologist for tests. They came up with nothing. When at my GP for another matter we discussed it. He mentioned being dehydrated can contribute and something called caecal slap syndrome (bit of information here: http://www.nutritionstrategies.com.au/gastrointestinal-gi-conditions-in-endurance-athletes-dietary-factors-to-consider-2/ ). He also asked how much fibre I was gett
  4. For some trivia on how far things have come from the early days have a read, apparently someone's frozen nuts inspired the quick release wheels we know and love today : http://www.theracingbicycle.com/index.html
  5. Long distance cycling. So appropriate. Less suited to shooting, lawn bowls and gymnastics. Kylee
  6. I've just started reading. I'm not jealous though. 35 days 'til I depart for France. Staying in the Mulhouse area with a local family for the first couple of days and heading to one or two TDF stages. Then I meet my group in Grenoble on the 14th. Our warm up ride is Ad'H. Fun, fun, fun. Will be in Bourg d'Oisans 'til the 20th when we head to Vaison la Romaine for Mont Ventoux the next day. Unfortunately, I will then head to Paris for a couple of days and then home. Would love to have stayed and done the Pyrenees again, but just couldn't swing it this time around. So keep up the updates FP.
  7. What about Waratah Park at Sutherland? Too far? http://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Recreation/Sport/Sporting_Facilities/Waratah_Cycling_Track
  8. kal

    Cyclists down

    Just out of curiosity, which way do you go? I can only think of a combination of Rocky Point Road and the Princes Hwy to maybe Qantas Drive. Rocky Point Road would only be one lane on a weekend with parked cars. The Princes Hwy has 2 lanes with parked cars in the 3rd, and 70kmh for a lot of it. Qantas Drive has a pretty wide shoulder for a bit but then you still have to merge with cars going 80kmh (I think, maybe only be 70??). If you move into back streets you are then down to a single lane, lots of drive ways and parked cars. If I'm on my own riding to work I can do most of it on a bike path
  9. Me too. FP, I could still breathe ok at the top of Galibier but I couldn't talk very well, which was unusual for me
  10. I wanted to go straight to the police but I think the guys thought I was over reacting a bit. Then the discussion was whether it would make any difference anyway. Think I'll call in and see them after work today. Can't hurt I guess. ACT plates though so may not be a local.
  11. I don't get out much anymore as my ex works offshore and I won't leave the kids alone to go cycling because you just don't know what is going to happen. Sunday I was able to go out with my bunch. Only about 8 or so of us. Usually we ride into the city from the Shire but everyone must have been a bit tired because we turned at the Airport and headed home. We went the usual way around Dolls Point. I got dropped / didn't try to keep up around the last bit nearing the bridge as I'm not very fit at the moment, so by the time we got to the lights to turn left to go over Captain Cook Bridge there
  12. kal

    The Pro DNF

    Apparently he had food poisoning on the Thursday night. http://www.sportzhub.com/news/bozzone-working-towards-ironman-703-world-champs
  13. She is one of the most amazing people I know. It's been incredible how positive Gabby has remained throughout the challenges she has overcome.
  14. kal

    O'Grady Retires

    I think it makes you human. I think unless you were there or have a pretty good understanding of the history of cycling and drug use within cycling, it's easy to look at it from a black and white point of view. I wish there wasn't drugs in cycling causing the problems there are. But I understand how cycling got to where it is and hope it is now changing. I only became interested in cycling in approx 2005 but have read and watched so much of the old stuff. Theonly name that could appear on a list of doped riders from that era that would cause real surprise to me would be David Moncoutie
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