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  1. You were a $/)? 5yrs ago and your still a $&:? now Give the bloke a break. Never once have I heard arrogance from Petes mouth. He has achieved more in the sport than most. As "Aussies" we should be getting behind him, not sitting behind a keyboard ragging on the bloke. i for one wish Pete all the best. He's been there and knows what it takes. On the day who knows......
  2. And again the thread gets personal instead of staying on topic.... Not sure if Hptcoachpete is still reading but if you are I would like to hear your thoughts regarding run pacing at IM. (I've been away from triathlon for a couple of years but this is something I've been interested in hearing about) Do you ask athletes to target a goal pace in training then focus on that as race pace? Do you get guys to race to feel?? Hold back the first 5km of IM run then build into it?? I considered myself an ok AG athlete but could never get the run down below 3:30. Was interesting
  3. A first year apprentice would probably have more of an idea on that than an engineer.... Just sayin.........
  4. A week of wining and dining at home has killed me. Back to work tomorrow so hopefully another 3wks of solid training 79.3
  5. Been out it the wilderness for a few weeks but trying to eat right. Nealo please put me down for 78.2 from monday
  6. Nice topic Spacko and a few home truths in there for me. Like alot on here have said riding 5hrs isnt the issue its what happens next that counts. Like SpeedySteve and a few others it is a big toss up for guys that arent solid runners to push the bike. Until you have tried it how do you know that a more conservative bike (5-10min slower) will actually allow you to run 5-10min+ faster............. Edit: Oh and spacko you know you could ride sub 5 most days (super talented) its just what your run split would look like
  7. Steve, I flew with them to IM Korea. No dramas on the way there but on the way home they were a little more strict. Im not sure whether the language barrier assisted us or not but them ended up letting the bags go through un-charged. WHATEVER YOU DO DONT LEAVE A CO2 CART IN YOUR BIKE/BAG. That was embarrasing to say the least. Threw all the spares out but forgot about the one under my seat that was taped in............. You really shouldnt have an issue especially if your polite. MUZ
  8. Totally agree. I have a pm and have raced with and without. I now prefer to not race with it. Personal preference but its a good way to do your head in if you have a flat period during the race and start getting fixated on numbers. My best races have been without any tools ( watch, speedo, pm) If you've trained WITH a pm for a while PE is ok. I will do my TT in training with the pm covered and I use the results post training to set new targets. Different strokes for different folks BUT if you have found yourself a slave to technology during races I recommend having a go without it
  9. Hmmmmmmm IM distance race back in Forster in Oct. I would be in for sure
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