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  1. 2004 - IMWA#1 - shark fatality about 2 weeks B4 the race, just around the corner. They strung a couple of those electronic shark repelling devices at the far end of the swim - I was virtually swimming over the top of it and something resembling a stingray swam along about 3 metres under me, and a couple of metres above the device. This is when it's good to have someone drafting you.
  2. I considered that, but allowing for age, income, frequency of use of race wheels and conflict between chain wear and 2 different cassettes, I decided he could just swap it over for now. Thanks.
  3. I've never had to remove a cassette myself - gotta keep the bike shop in business somehow. Anyway, eldest has bought new race wheels. This will mean taking the 10 speed shimano 105 cassette of his normal rear wheel and putting it on the race wheel. Will an: HG Cassette Lock-ring tool (Shimano compatible. Also suitable for Shimano Centre-lock lock rings), and Freewheel turner (chain whip) do the job? Or do 10 speed cassettes require more specialised tooling?
  4. That's sick - not a good sick, just sick. He doesn't even love himself The movie gives an intersting insight, but not exactly what I expected - still motivational though.
  5. muts

    Help wanted

    What's the point of these suits? Man up & put the speedos on!
  6. Crouching triathlete, hidden dragon? stability and vision.
  7. muts

    Women's trisuits

    WAY too much spare time, obviously!
  8. Wow, some amazing misinformation about silicone, casing compliance, etc. The difference in RR of a super compound vs a standard carbon black makes a poofteenth seem big, so that dribble unless you're qualifying for the olympics. Let's make it simple - the smaller the contact patch, the less rolling resistance. Bigger rim = bigger contact patch. Softer compound = bigger contact patch. Weaker casing construction = bigger contact patch. Lower pressures (generalisation) = bigger contact patch. If your spine can handle 18s, and your rim profile is designed to hang on to them, then
  9. Tell your "friend" to stop drinking on the swim. High salt, mixed with isotonic drinks on the bike = RALPH Recommend trying not to drink so much of the water whilst swimming, plus water only on the bike (not sports drink). When your body goes into spew mode it starts shutting other stuff down (reduced blood flow = reduced oxygen = loss of vision, dizziness, etc.) until the "rejection" occurs, then everything returns to OK quickly (except you just feel like Mike Tyson just sucker-punched you). Hi salt drinks are used in hospitals to make people spew, and they only take a minute or two t
  10. Yes, too tight and it impacts your breathing - If it feels like you're wearing nothing, then it's a good fit. I assume you're a chick, so get one that zips up the back (apparently a pro femme tip, not my preference at all!).
  11. In IM the helpers in the tent will apply for you at T2. I had one drink station volly run along putting sunscreen on me in Forster - I couldn't quite believe it!
  12. 2: http://www.torpedo7.com.au/products/E4WEWN...9;s-Tri-Wetsuit
  13. Pain and stiffness in the base of the foot/heel when you first get out of bed. Mine became localised with a rupture from the edges on each side of the heel, presumably because I wasn't treating the PF adequately. Rupture is very painful to walk on all the time, where as PF is usually painful when ever you've been stationary and then get moving, or you've been walking/running for a while.
  14. The massage and ice is definitely helping - thanks guys. Still have to get the (long overdue) orthotics though! Cheers Muts
  15. I wore one before the helmet laws were introduced. Something to do with having something worth protecting. If you have nothing in there worth protecting, give the helmet the flick.
  16. Definitely overdue for orthotics! flare-up = getting a little of the same pain, in the same location as previous, just not to a debilitating level (yet). Thanks
  17. I tore the plantar facia under the heel about 5 months ago. I've had 2 sets of cortisone injections. Back running again finally and it's starting to flare again. Any advice on what to do next?
  18. muts

    A moral dilemma

    Donate the funds to your favourite charity - you still get a tax write-off, somebody in need benefits, and you can still throw some more business the way of the web store - everyone's a winner.
  19. muts

    M Dot tattoos

    I'll pop 'round and draw a few for you to think about.
  20. SHOT GUN Time efficient problem remediation!
  21. muts

    bike box in cars

    5 in a pulsar at IMWA'04, plus the hard shell case. not comfy. difficult to squeeze case into the hatch and caused some damage. Order a car, ask to check the case will fit when you book in, in case you need a bigger car - shouldn't be problem.
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