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  1. HI Roxii - yes, we have 7,000 excited participants heading for SIRC at Penrith! Sold out! And now all we have to do is organise a rain free Sunday!
  2. May have done so; went to load a photo and it wouldn't happen!
  3. Forgive me, for I've sinned. It's been a long, LONG while since I've loitered in these pages... Sadly I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would... However it's incredible to see so many familiar 'names' still regularly posting... and the type of postings have lifted - great work by the administrators! I must come back again... I promise with more real news next time Cheers NRMOZ
  4. nrmoz

    Canberra is back

    Just a heads up - full details in the Race Director area - but an all new, 16 year old race is back in Canberra. The X-Tri LDT - Canberra will take place on 14/12/14...
  5. LD RACING IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL SET TO CONTINUE… DATELINE: July 22, 2014 - For information to triathletes - everywhere Australia’s premier LD Triathlon in the ACT is set to return for a record 16th edition in 2014! X-Tri Events, the team behind 35+ half Ironman distance races, and organisers of the 2006 ITU World LD Championships, has re-named their Canberra based endurance triathlon as the X-Tri LDT – Canberra, and the triathlon action in the nation’s capital event is set for 14th December 2014. A great triathlon challenge waits Australia’s best triathletes, with event informat
  6. nrmoz

    Canberra HIM

    By the way; for those pessimist out there - here is the latest update - please check the official side of things at: http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/WaterQuality/index.php/en/weekly-reports The current report is: Central Basin 22 November 2013 Zone Status: Open Algae Status: Low Bacteria Level: Open Restrictions: No restrictions apply. Other Data: Sample Date: 18 November 2013. Temperature: 17.0 °C So right now we're swimming - in wet suits!
  7. nrmoz

    Canberra HIM

    Just keep an eye on the Lake Web site - things change often but there's only been one race we didn't swim - and that year the uprooted trees floating past on the current would have outnumbered the athletes - not to mention they ended up on the Coppins Crossing weir making that hard to cross also! There is a proven contingency if the heaven's don't smile, however these things change on a weekly basis...
  8. nrmoz

    List of demands

    Chocolate and alcohol. Why does everything have to be about triathlon? Go and have some fun!
  9. May have some spares shortly...
  10. I can't believe it! All the experts on this race and not one has mentioned that a must do is to visit the Lindt un Springl chocolate factory; BEST CHOCOLATE - in the world! Also escape the tourists and take the normal ferry around the lake; a fraction of the tourist pricing and you can get on and off as you wish! And the best advice for this race? Don't race the locals; just let it happen at your own pace! This one is really ALL about the experience of doing it Swiss style; and they do it very well!
  11. nrmoz

    O'Grady Retires

    So even those in the more revered section of the peleton have sinned? Tell me it isn't so! ( : SO what part of going over the past will really help the future. Give them time out of the sport even after they retire? And under law, given none of these findings relate to a criminal act can we even say do the crime and pay the time and we'll forgive you? What cycling does stand to lose right now is its very IP; the years of knowledge, of strategy, team managership etc. (and yes within that how to beat the system - but that is slowly dying out) - and if enough old drugged up riders
  12. For those so quick to be so negative it's worth checking out the freedom of choice that is actually in place for TA/Club memberships... For those who think it's all too much; or won't renew because they don't race 10 times a year consider this. I've just renewed for the 2013/2014 season; I've been a TA/TNSW member since 1990 but only in the last four years did I join a club. So yes, I've spend a few bob on memberships over the years.... and I've also earned a few bob from our sport as an event organiser (and paid way more in insurance costs to cover those events than any of you will EV
  13. nrmoz

    Silk Road

    Silk Road? Still on my 'bucket list' to drive! I thought it was the road from Europe to China! (Damn copy cats; take all the good names for no good items...)
  14. Chambo; the guy who headed up tourism and was on the council (may have even been mayor at one point) was a solid friend in the CLub Champs years at PS. I'll have his contacts buried somewhere and will pass one once found... he would be well past retirement now however; was looking at it in 2010....
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