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  1. Yes, but what about those who were getting married on Saturday. They will not be laughing
  2. It does remind me of those school days when the whole class used to get detention when one dickhead did something wrong and wouldn't fess up
  3. I actually don't mind it. I do laugh when people say that cannot play well unless there is a big crowd. I played district level soccer and we rarely had a big crowd. Always played to my best. Each to their own. Be interested to know if anyone has done an analysis of the level of penalties for the 'home' team when there is no crowd.
  4. Just bought one and love it. After my order it arrived 7 days later. It was easy to put together. The only issue I had was I didn't know where to charge the Di2. I rang the Aussie service centre and they were great. You charge it via a small plug in the bar end. Couldn't see that without my glasses. Thoroughly recommend
  5. I suspect most Republicans (sensible centre ones) will not be unhappy with the election results. They still control the Senate and they already have got their people voted onto the Supreme Court. They will now get rid of Trump and can move on to a new generation. The problem is when we get to the next Primaries who will get their nomination? Will one of the Trump children step up or will they return to Reality TV?
  6. I swam a bit. I just didn't make it past the break. When I finally got back to the beach that let me continue as long as I waited for the last people in my wave. You guys ended up about 1km up the beach. Has there been a Cronulla tri since that race?
  7. Wow, straight out of the Victorian Labor Party handbook. I have heard that 3 times today from different people. Do you get the press release as well? This has nothing to do with UK or Europe. They are in completely different situation. They are moving into winter. There are 300 million people moving around. Let's focus on what the authorities in Victoria are doing and saying. They have made a multiple set of mistakes and no one says sorry and no one is accountable. It goes on every day and Dan turns up to his media conferences and lectures everyone on how good he is and that they sho
  8. Tech stocks have risen out of proportion since the Pandemic started. The markets are gambling on who are going to be the winners through the pandemic. There will be a correction at some point. The figures you are quoting are probably the value of stock that they hold in their own company. It is not their cash position. Steve Jobs was a multi billionaire. Didn't help him much.
  9. I have heard him say a few times in press conferences that this 'is like a marathon'. No one has actually asked him if he has ever run a marathon. Be interested to know if he has and if he knows what running a marathon is actually like.
  10. I have to say that every time I have listened to Dr Norman Swan I find that he has not been the expert that others say he is. I prefer to listen to the likes of Professor Brendan Murphy, Dr Nick Coatsworth, Dr Kerry Chant and others. That is the weird thing with so our medical experts, you can get wildly different views on the science. Especially from Queensland 'experts'.
  11. It was very sad. Like Flanman said, I used to see him on the TV and loved his shows. When I then saw him at races I always used to say hello and asked him about his race. He was always such a lovely guy and up for a chat. I feel so sad for his family. I think they were amazing to talk about his issues and also to include his doctor to help them to raise awareness of these issues. We need to look after each other as I suspect a lot of us have similar personalities and if injuries or issues get in our way then the negative thoughts creep in.
  12. Just heard that he can't delay the Presidential election but Congress can. The 'expert' said he can't see that happening with the Democrats controlling Congress at the moment. If he gets really sick can they send in a 'super sub' or is it too late?
  13. Thanks AA7. Be interesting to see if everyone takes their spot or if there are a lot of rolldowns. 5 spots in 55-59 males. Sub 13 gets a spot to Kona. Seems like they have been listening to Transitions 🙂
  14. The top 2 were faster than my age group (55-59). Oh well. Have they started the online rolldown process?
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