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  1. Hello Paul, are you the same Paul Every who used to cycle up and down the hills in and around Sydney with a bunch of crazy cyclists and triathletes including Allen and Susan and Robyn and Glen....if you are would love to hear from you.  Susan and Allen ended up in WA, are you really in Perth?


  2. My mother passed away last night (Saturday). Some of you who have in been around triathlon sport and the running scene in NSW for more than a few years may remember her. I'm not sure how many races she completed over the years, but there was a lot. I'm just still only just appreciating all that she accomplished throughout her life. She starting her running in the City to Surf at 51 in 1979, having only commenced training a week before the event. She threw herself into the burgeoning fun run scene of the early 1980s, before eventually running her first marathon in 1983 at the Sta
  3. So all you needed was a kilt and some 3 inch heels?
  4. I'm wondering too, Roxii. Albeit quite possibly for different reasons.
  5. Busso isn't a downhill course. It has plenty of climbs and I particularly remember the ascents and descents well. I calculated my optimum gear changes by gaffer-taping a spirit level to my top tube. The bubble shifted a couple of mm numerous times.
  6. Paul Every

    Magpies 2020

    Snakes have very short tails. The tail generally accounts for less than 10% of their total length. From head to the base of the tail the body contains all the major organs common to most other vertebrates; heart, lung/s (one usually vestigial or reduced in size and function), liver, kidneys, gonads, spinal column, stomach and digestive tract. Hundreds of relatively fine ribs are attached to the vertebrae. Essentially, any major trauma along their body or to the head is likely to impact major organs, blood vessels, spine, etc. In many ways, they are quite vulnerable animals. To potent
  7. Motivation? Incentive? Disclaimer: I have visited Moree, although I had no say in the matter.
  8. Unfortunately, I have no idea as I haven't swum at any of them. I've only read about them.
  9. Hmmph!!....Underachiever. At least 40 years for me.
  10. How close are you to Bents Basin or to Camden for a stretch of the Nepean RIver? Or The Basin at Kentlyn? There's a couple of attractive spots on the Nepean River near Wallacia which are suitable for a long swim too.
  11. Was that before or after you became a teacher?
  12. Thanks for posting that, Peter. That's the most valuable link, I can recall being posted on this thread. Simply and eloquently explained. I love it when science is communicated as effectively as this. This deserves a very wide audience, to the point where federal and state governments should just run it as public information campaign in the lead up to any vaccine release. This should be mandatory viewing for all politicians before they utter a public opinion about a covid vaccine. All this knowledge has been relayed to the media by those in the field since April. As clearly
  13. For generations of Australia's greatest distance runners, so many of training locations and camps of were on the trails of places like Ferny Creek or Falls Creek in Victoria, or Stromlo in the ACT. The trails I grew up running on in Sydney included Farro's Hill, a steep pinch about a km long leading up toward Pennant Hills from the upper Lane Cove River. It's where John Farrington used to do his hill repeats and the surrounding trails were his backyard. John was three time City to Surf winner and three time Aust Marathon Champ in the early '70s. About 5 years ago I was stayed a coupl
  14. Not so much for building mileage quickly, more for building mileage gradually or progressively. I've definitely seen it work successfully with lots of different objectives: For those starting out in running eg Couch to 5km program When returning/rehabbing from injury (Almost all of Trannie Brick's Coast to Kosci training in 2015 was walking, following surgery to reattach his quad tendons to the patella six months prior). For supplementing high mileage when training for ultras. To economise energy expenditure on hills in ultras. As structured walk breaks in lo
  15. Yes, please. I get it. It's on the ABC. You won't watch it.
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