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  1. Russ Private me the small frame please. I would like to see the photo. thanks.
  2. Here is the picture of Bp Stealth for sale !! http://www.flickr.com/photos/14522058@N07/
  3. Hi Guys Iam selling Bp Stealth bike (Medium) with all Oval Concepts parts (all new). Low price for $1500. Never used !! Pick up from Sydney only. Private me message if ur interested.
  4. He's the only one that has the strongest mind of them all!! He will win end of championship again !
  5. Thanks guys, but I prefer Zipp 2001 bike.
  6. Hi Guys Iam looking for Zipp 2001 to buy or trade with my bike. my bike is Bp Stealth (Medium). Thanks
  7. Guys what u think that Macca would take the ITU Duathlon title (10km run-40km bike- 5km run) or Powerman Zofingen. It would be against the Great Joerie Vansteelant would be epic !! He need to complete one more title to be the Greatest Ever..in my mind he is not TGE yet, but TGE for Ironman that's it. cheers..
  8. Unbelievable!!...I believe that ABrownlee will win again on next olympic Rio ...he will be the greatest ever that ever lived. the fastest ever lived. Full credit to him.
  9. Hi Guys Just heard that people dont using HED3 anymore in ironman racing or another normal competitions??.. Is that banned or people dont use them. Are they still allowed to race with them. Correct me if iam wrong ?? I havent seen people using HED3 that much nowadays.
  10. Wow..Macca..congratulations. Now go for Duathlon World Championship and Powerman Zofingen to complete to be all time great ever!!
  11. Women 1.Densham 2.Findlay 3.Moffat Men 1.A.Brownlee 2.B. Kahlefeldt 3.J.Gomez If Brad Kahlefeldt in top form ever...he can beat Brownlee, coz he's so thin and strong...when he's there and can see in near finish..he always win. He's like that.
  12. BK did very well...came 6th. CA not bad. BSEXTON out of form again...correct me if iam wrong. MACCA should be there for another trial.
  13. dragonkata

    Magpie Status

    I wondered if more Maypies scooping in the morning than the afternoons??...any answers welcome.
  14. wow...impressive ...Lance is superb athlete...he can swim ..almost the best swim in the field. check this overall top 10 result: swim bike run 1 Nicolas Lebrun #3 pro : 24:00 1:21:59 : 38:27 2:24:26 2 Dan Hugo #8 pro : 21:28 1:22:56 : 40:26 2:24:50 3 Josiah Middaugh #2 pro :23:36 1:24:03 : 37:58 2:25:37 4 Conrad Stoltz #1 pro : 22:15 1:22:48 : 42:27 2:27:30 5 Lance Armstrong #31 pro :21:55 1:24:32 : 42:58 2:29:25 6 Branden Rakita #4 pro : 21:23 1:27:32 : 41:12 2:30:07 7 Ben Allen #30 pro : 20:46 1:31:55
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