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  1. Hi - is anyone able to confirm that Nepean is still going ahead later this month?
  2. #370 First time there and looking forward to it
  3. Panadol 15232 Good luck everyone
  4. I watched the Catalsyt show again and Prof Nokes apologies for inventing GU s. I have been hooked on GU during races for a long time - so are there any suggestions for a Gu substitute for race day ?
  5. Panadol

    Kona qualifiers

    I would also like to view that list if anyone can point me in the correct direction - thanks
  6. Flanno- at our age we get this sort of stuff checked out- NOW !
  7. Hi, my daughter is about to become a new Mum and is looking for a running stroller without much success- can any one suggest where she may go. Alternatively is there any good place to look for pre-loved running strollers? Thanks
  8. I preferred finishing at Westport and the overwhelming consensus from supporters that have been to both that I know vote for Westport-
  9. Congratulations Big Chris and Mark- all all the rest of you guys - well done and hope you enjoy it
  10. AP, Excuse my ignorance but could you explain to me what "50m band " is? Thanks
  11. I bought 2 pair of K-Swiss Konejo from Pauls Warehouse at Brookvale a couple of months ago- pretty good value I though as they were on teh 2 pairs for the price of 1 list
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