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  1. So Lundon 1. You purchase a bike from the States. 2 Have it delivered all the way to Sydney. 3 Dont ever take it out of the box 4 Listen to the wife when she says get rid of some stock. 6. Then decide to sell it. 5 Read points 1 through 3 again. Have a nice day and you might have a flick through this read. http://www.qgm.qld.gov.au/00_downloads/bpg_devskills.pdf
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    Post of the year
  3. Tell me please, tell me please
  4. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20818...5007146,00.html
  5. Signs of Craig Matthews perhaps
  6. Gunther

    Ian talks

    AP, I agree with most of what you say. What you wrote here my friend is complete bunkum. I will preface my comments by saying that both of my youngens swam with Ian and Tracey (and DF) for a number of years and right up to Athens so heed my words. If Ian was under another coach then he wouldnt have gone to the last Olympics, in fact he said that it was because of TM that he went on as long as he did. So to hand out slaps like ego, selfishnesss and lack of character is completely wrong, and if you knew what she dealt with in her personal life leading up to Athens then you would agree she is an
  7. Gunther

    OT - Marquees

  8. Thanks Paul, watched it tonight and it was great. Was hoping that Lori would throw one out and give the young bloke a feed.....no such luck.
  9. I'll be on the brown rat around sea acres, with a pack of winnie reds.
  10. Gunther

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday man. Thought you looked a bit strange with that thick crop of hair when i saw you last week. I Honestly thought you suffered from Alopecia !!
  11. Gunther

    The Ashes

    Shaun Graf was also a talent. Should have played a lot of tests but sadly didnt.
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