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  1. Heard there was a bad accident on the bike - girl ran into the back of a 4wd trying to clip her shoes it... Apparently she is fine tho... sans a couple of teeth.. Yes, it was her 1st OD Tri
  2. actually over in the UK now & the LBS are horribly overpriced... PBK + others all the way...
  3. lazyE

    Bike Porn.

    GJ: so do you commute via the spit to get to work? How do you find that gearing up the hills? Often out of the saddle?
  4. lazyE

    Port 70.3

    was it the same course as last year? (run course, especially - did it have shelly beach?)
  5. Mark - that has to be because you almost know everyone in your town!
  6. London... from Sydney... via.... Well, I've been travelling for almost 6 months now. Done some awesome riding across the US (esp in California & Colorado), bit of Central America sans bike. I have also been lucky enough this past European summer to ride in France chasing Le Tour & in Spain chasing La Veulta. Great fun But now, the holiday is over. Looking for work & flat in old Blighty...
  7. lazyE

    Around the Bay

    Planning on not crashing this year Freak ? Werent you involved in a nasty fall one year?
  8. Giz: did that last year as a prep for the Port 1/2. Really good practice run. Legs are fresh (ish) but still tired from the ride the previous day. Will give you a lot of confidence about the way you _can_ run a 1/2. Just remember to try & negative split. Take it easy on the way out & let your body warm up. If you want to push it a bit do it inthe second 1/2 of the 1/2 Good luck & hope the weather is better than last year - got soaked!!
  9. Hey there, Actually in London myself right now doing abit of travelling with bike... Not sure for training rides outside of London, but, for swimming, this is the best resource I have used - WORLD WIDE. Found me swimming pools all across the USA as well as UK. http://www.swimmersguide.com/ Click: find a pool Awesome!
  10. yep, def possible. My dentist HATES sports drinks as well, so I have dropped them for training rides now pretty much. For cruisy rides just on water & solid foods for carbs & salts. eg: Banana's & vegemite sandwiches
  11. lazyE

    Pool Entry Fees

    Travelling right now, so have been in a wide variety of different pools over the last 10 weeks. Best was Fremont High School, California where the pool attendant let me in for free (& gave me a squad sheet each time!). Worst is likely to be in The Porchester Centre, Bayswater London W1, which I'm planning to hit tomorrow morning. It is ~3.75 pounds for a 30m double lane experience. Hmm Anyway, for what it's worth, this link has been an absolute life saver when it comes to finding pools everywhere. Check it out http://www.swimmersguide.com/ & Click: FIND A POOL Anywhere in t
  12. Well, if we dont do something, people are going to try & make oil out of coal. Which, it would seem, would have to be the worst result in terms of energy efficiency & co2 emissions for the environment http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/05/business/05coalfuel.html
  13. lazyE

    Disc Wheels

    pretty sure that Macca used tri spokes front & back at Port IM this year...
  14. lazyE

    Merv's random

    so that's what happened to the posters... I went looking fo rmine the next day... to no avail...
  15. lazyE

    Running on FAT!

    they were selling bio-diesel at a pump at Holbrook (b/w Sydney & Melbourne) at one point. But they stopped i think...
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