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  1. Anyone know if Dare2Dri are having issues with their website or are they shutting down?
  2. I have borrowed a mated Mach2 which I will try out tomorrow and then see how I go. Thank you for your help It is also great to know that the company has such a good ethical reputation.
  3. Thanks Foz. You have helped and hindered. I was looking at sleeveless but now stuck as to if I should go the sleeved variety! AArrrrgghh decisions decisions!
  4. How do people find the sizing? I am 180cm and about 70kgs. (Anyone with similar dimensions??) Used to have a sleeveless one years ago. Nothing since. (I am looking at the Mens Mach2 Longjohn in Medium) I am pretty lanky. Cheers Sticks
  5. Bad Education and Big School - Both shows coming out of the UK at the moment, very similar to the original UK "Teachers" series. Pretty good easy to watch show. Might be worth a look at. Another new show called 'Dad's' also is pretty good. Disclaimer - This is my opinion, yours may differ!
  6. Show's I watch that I have not seen come up on the list yet. Weeds - Final season, drug dealers, easy watching. Drop Dead Diva. - sorta like a chick flick version of boston legal. I just want my pants back - just a loose easy to watch comedy. Laid (ABC) priceless comedy, google it. Men at Work - easy to watch comedy. Pretty Little Liars - started good, now annoying. I just want to know who 'A' is. Anger Management - Charlie Sheen Tricky Business - interesting fast moving show, based in Aust.
  7. biggest issue for waxing for me is the annoying as all hell ingrown hairs because i usually don't have time to loafa them etc, Does anyone else use this fish oil and finds that it prevents ingrown hairs? and does anything know how it works!? Sticks!
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