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  1. Zuri......pretending to be one of the reindeer herd. 🤣
  2. Yes, yes and yes. I work in Education covering Far Nth Qld. More specifically, in many of the most rural and remote communities. My role is to partner all those in community who work with 0 to 6. It was amazing the sudden appreciation for teachers. I ran many of my early childhood community networking meetings virtually. Teachers, early childhood teachers and partners were still willing to come together through the height of lockdown. Their love for their students (and families) and doing everything in their power was so inspiring to be part of. It did come at a cost. A lot of burnout and now
  3. Isnt it nice to have some so positive to focus on. Well done Chris, his guide, coaching and support team. ❤❤❤
  4. They are live streaming him running the last 2 miles. 😁
  5. Me too. If I am reading a book or newspaper and there is a photo of a spider....i usually throw it 🤢🤢
  6. Okay....maybe not so calm after 9 hours cleaning. Lol. Feel like I've done an ironman. And had 5 hrs of cleaning help. Not quite done. Kitchem is still.....well....yep. But overall, more livable. Didnt get to hospital....was an incident which led to broken window. Had to get it repaired (emergency repairs are not cheap!!!). Dad was unhappy I didn't get there. He doesn't know about the window....yet. Anyway....tomorrow is another date. Discharge planning meeting.
  7. Morning. Calmer today.....lol. Had a talk with him yesterday about getting everytsorted and that he couldn't live in a house like that. I spent 4 hrs in his house yesterday. At least it is a start. Needed a mask so I didnt get high....lol. Cleaner in today at 10am. 18 garbage bags so far. Disharge likely Friday. Assessment tomorrow with discharge and community health team. A happy place to begin the day. Marcoola Beach. Not a bad beach.....no crocs here.🤣 Thanks all.
  8. Touching base as a bit on the angry side. Dad had a stroke last week. He is Sunshine Coast, me Cairns. Some issues with expressive speech and balance. These have resolved a little. I flew down yesterday to get him settled in rehab with the aim of home next week. While I was out paying his bills, he refused a bed. He says he can't remember saying no. Please don't think what I am saying is harsh....I need to vent. I started at 5am yesterday to fly and got back to hotel at 7pm after 2 x hospital trips and running around four suburbs to pay his bills (me paying). He had money in his wallet but tha
  9. Evening all. Dad still in hospital. Having trouble speaking words and is vague at times. But he could tell me the Storm score from last Friday.....lol. They don't think stroke...at this stage. Bit challenging being in Cairns and he is Sunshine Coast. Bit of a battle with explain to staff. He is a long term dope smoker (30 years). But this is something out of the norm. Just want him to get the proper care and not to be assumed to be a drug user. Tough situation. The last consultation to talk to me sounded caring. Waiting game at the moment.
  10. Sending you the biggest hugs. The passing of a pet is horrible. They joy they bring you is unconditional. Zuri keeps me smiling....even when the days are not so good. ❤❤ Sorry to hear about your friends. I have nothing to offer that can make this any easier. I hear many are going through so much at the moment. My dad is currently in hospital and quite incoherent. No idea what is going on. Very hard being 1800km away. Hospital staff are keeping me in contact.
  11. Just popping in to see how everyone is doing.
  12. I was wondering how many would DNF. It was very windy and warm. The heat has picked up just over the past week. I walked 8km at 1.30 and it was very warm and I am used to the heat.
  13. Looking to upgrade our home system from a seriously slow desktop (Lenovo - an all in one system). It is simply way too slow for any reasonable use of more than one program at a time. It only cost us around $500 around 5 years ago - so we got what we paid for. I have read reviews on other all in ones, and they just don't seem to come up to speed (literally) with many saying they are too slow for what you pay. Some reviews comment on the level of noise from some of the all in ones too. Does anyone have advice on good stand all in one systems or a tower / screen? I need to have a lar
  14. skel

    Le Tour 2020

  15. A dad allegedly took his own life and that of his four year old son, just south of Cooktown. I worked in this area and travel once per term. I work with those who provide services 0 to 5 year olds. This will be absolutely heart breaking for everyone around. It is a large area but a small community. Most people know each other. Not sure how "we" 'make' a difference for little people when we can't solve poverty, DV, drug use, mental health and a myriad of other things that are occurring for and within families. 🥺🥺🥺
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