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  1. I have listed these wheels on ebay for those who may be interested. Barely used, starting bid $950. Paid $3200 brand new http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EASTON-EC-90MM-Carbon-Time-Trial-Triathlon-Race-Wheels-/131371979407?
  2. I have this scott plasma for sale, not sure if it's what you're after? http://www.ebay.com....8147b243&_uhb=1
  3. Had my Scott Plasma 2010 TT bike and barely used Easton EC90mm race wheels for sale on here a while ago, they have now gone to auction on ebay. If anyone may be interested here are the links. Bike; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Scott-Plasma-TT-Bike-2010-Durace-/131017978435?pt=AU_Cycling_New_&hash=item1e8147b243&_uhb=1 Wheels: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Easton-EC90-TT-Race-Wheels-/131014854502?pt=AU_Sport_Cycling_Parts&hash=item1e81180766&_uhb=1 Cheers, CJ
  4. 2010 SCOTT PLASMA 10 TT BIKE The time has come to bite the bullet and regrettably put my beloved TT bike and race wheels up for sale. They have been sitting on the bike rack in the garage untouched since our little baby came along 12 months ago and cannot justify to the wife any longer on hanging onto something that isn't being used! The bike was purchased at the end of 2010 from Avantiplus bike shop on Sydney Road, Brunswick for $4999 (with basic shimano wheels) and was ridden for less than 12 months, clocking up about 1500kms. I used it for 1 Half IM and also IM NZ in March 2011 and ha
  5. Took over 3 weeks to arrive and when it finally turned up, one of the products was wrong and had to be exchanged. 12 months ago they were very quick and helpful, not so much now.
  6. From memory the Kona qualifying spots went roughly like this (sorry I only took notice of some of the male AG's) 25-29 3spots 9.19hrs 30-34 6spots 9.18hrs 35-39 6spots 9.21hrs 40-44 7spots 9.40hrs These were considerable quicker than last year, but I'm not sure how far these spots rolled down on the Sunday. Please note that these times are just from what I recall and might not be exact
  7. CJ

    IMNZ 2012 Entries

    It was ridiculously packed in there on the Sunday morning, so I'm not surprised you weren't aware of the entries being available either as I was stuck in the queue for 45mins and didn't see anything about it.
  8. That's exactly what I do in races. I have the quick release band so I can put it on the bike mount. I put 2-3layers of electrical tape (in fear of it getting knocked off the strap) and just take the tape off and put watch from wrist to bike once I'm settled on the bike. I found that it still picks up sat reception fine. Although don't forget not to tape up the start and lap buttons so you can use the auto multi leg function
  9. CJ

    More Garmin Woes

    Fog in mine also, but swam with it in races a number of times since and no problems as yet (fingers crossed)
  10. It has been well talked about in other threads on here that Kona highlights will be shown on ONE HD tonight at 7.30pm tonight ahead of the NBC showing on the 18th. Although when I go to pre record it on my TIVO it has Kellogs Nutri grain ironwomen scheduled. I just checked the guide on the net and it also has the Kellogs race scheduled, does anyone know what the deal is? Has the Kona highlights been canned?
  11. Feeling your pain, I placed an order at the beginning of October which included 2 pairs of xsocks. The package arrived a couple of weeks later with compression socks instead of the ordered xsocks. So I then had to send them back and get a refund incl postage, they have now sent the correct xsocks which was on the 23rd Nov and am still awaiting for them to arrive! Very painful, but I must admit I have used wiggle dozens of times and they usually arrive within 7-10 working days with no dramas!
  12. Got an email from them at 3.17pm today confirming I got in, absolutely wrapped! "Your 2011 Noosa Triathlon Ballot registration has been successful! You now have the opportunity to accept the offer and gain a spot in the individual triathlon. Please note, you are NOT currently registered in the Noosa Triathlon. To complete your registration you must click on the below link which will take you through the entry process. Your registration is considered complete once you have made payment and you receive your confirmation email. You have until 5pm on Friday 26th November 2010 to comple
  13. CJ

    shepp weather

    When the lake floods into storm water, doesn't that pollute the lake and make if 'unsafe' for swimming? From people I have been speaking to, this is going to be a likely scenario that the officials are going to have to face come this time tomorrow/Sunday morning. Although I'm praying they are wrong
  14. CJ

    shepp weather

    When I was up there 2 weeks ago the lake just broke the south bank over the footpath on the Sunday morning. This was from 40mm of rain on the Saturday. If this occurs again, will they have no option but to cancel the swim and turn it into a duo? It would be rather disappointing if this was the case (even though the swim is my weakest leg), it would not be the same completing the race without the swim.
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