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  1. It's so sad that the left has won and life as we know it will be dictated by the politically correct, woke, rich, old white men. Green and greedy. Hunter Biden, the apple never falls far from the tree.
  2. I hope Trump gets another four years
  3. Besides journalists, car and property salespeople and politicians the other low life I detest are call centres: My call is invariably inconsistent with the options menu, I want to speak to a person to get the response I require. No I don't want to go to your website and look at the FAQ I want to speak to someone who's first language is English and isn't reading from a script.
  4. I'm still waiting for my Challenge Series gear
  5. oldave


    The ones that don't work in commercial media might be ok, they don't work in advertising
  6. oldave


    I hate journalists with a passion; their only job is to devise sensationalist headlines to sell advertising. A journalist therefore works in advertising, with the ethics and morals of the industry. In terms of credibility aren't journalists down the bottom of the pile with salesmen and politicians?
  7. I'm a Queenslander now but spent the first 25 years living in Melbourne and still have 3 sisters living in Wangaratta. I fail to understand how Dan ever got elected to Premier and how he hasn't been shown the door for all the lies he's told. Can any Victorians explain to me? Moreover who signed the order that engaged the private security firm employed to look after the Covid 19 returnees?
  8. That's disgusting. What gives a person the right to do such a thing?
  9. I'm starting to feel the effects of a long lockdown combined with winter. Missing human contact and social activities.
  10. oldave


    Are you saying that triathletes are self-centred, irresponsible, selfish etc?
  11. oldave


    From Alan Jones: So let me get this straight. Australia's largest triathlon set for the last week of October, the Noosa Triathlon, has been cancelled due to groups of 500 people not being allowed. But one week before that, three hours drive away at The Gabba in Brisbane, the AFL Grand Final will be held with around 30,000 fans in attendance. As Pauline Hanson would say, please explain.
  12. oldave


    Not much in the media but apparently figures are through the roof.
  13. oldave


    Did I read somewhere that domestic violence has dramatically increased?
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