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  1. I can remember it going to Bruce Thomas one year. Did they award it to the women, or just men? I can't remember if Lou Mackinlay was also awarded. Either way, a King Ken trophy sounds like a great idea.
  2. I started with Garmin Connect at the end of May. So these nos are for ~7/12, adding a bit over 50% more for the start of the year when I was still 'old-school' with a journal (and doing a bit more). Can't be bothered adding that manually. As of today I'm in 50-54.... Swim- 147 km (so ~230 for the year ) Bike- 4700 (~7000) Run- 1330 (~2000) For reference, some may have seen a few of the pro's put their nos. out eg. Charlotte McShane swim=995 bike=9268 run=2751 Or, marathoner Jess Trengove run~7500km
  3. https://academic.oup.com/eurheartj/article/34/47/3624/619893 This study, summarised here has been discussed previously (I think). Essentially, the arrythmia issue was found to be primarily 'benign' arrythmias. What I haven't seen is a study then looking at the family history of those runners/triathletes/ ultra athletes with plaques/ myocardial fibrosis and arrythmias. You can only work with the genetics you're born with. And, as the first article says, you can't outrun your past.
  4. garf

    Your 1st race

    1988 Nepean. The old river swim, bike out Mulgoa rd and back up the Northern road. 12km run out through Leonay and Emu Plains. No aerobars, no wetsuit, no racing flats. A Ricardo Viva bike I'd bought second hand after my summer job. Got passed by lots on the bike, and passed lots on the run. I think 73rd o'all?? Somewhere around 2 hours.I'll need to be on the start line in 2018 for the 30th anniversary of my first tri! OldSchool69....the Botany Bay Classic in 1990 was my first AG win, and 1st amateur. Pretty sure the pro's did a different course. I remember a vaguely XC run that couldn't
  5. ??your current age minus 30 + 5
  6. I have the 2017 model and the front bottle seems rock solid. I have trouble removing the top clip- although I'm sure it will loosen over time. There's plenty of the 2016/17 models around here and I haven't heard any complaints recently. I know some had issues initially in 2016. Make sure that the bottle is slid correctly on to the bottom prong that screws to the headtube. If it is not aligned correctly at the bottom then it will shift/rattle, and (in my exp.) the top clip will not properly engage and lock. The top clip basically just stops it sliding forward off the lower prong whi
  7. bah...heart rate monitors! If you wear a watch you're a wanker. Measure your run by the movement of the sun and stars. Shoes are optional too.
  8. garf

    WS 70.3

    It was a bit warm out there by the middle of the day :-) Good to see you Roxii! The female pros...definitely a runner's race. Lauren Brandon started the run with ~90 sec lead. That was wiped out by the first aid station at ~2km. Hauschildt, then Watkinson, and a short time later Sheedy-Ryan came past. Then it became two as Sheedy-ryan set about catching Hauschildt. From about 10km to 16km they ran together. Hauschildt picked up the pace enough to create a 12 sec gap at the last turnaround, and then continued to extend that out to about 1 min approaching the finish. Around 1:20 f
  9. garf

    WS 70.3

    RBR, wear a flannie as your racesuit and you'll fit in here. There are beards on every second guy around here (and some of the women 8-/ ).Hell, even I've got a vague attempt at one right now (it IS Movember! - taking donations...) That's the 'river loop' I referred to earlier. None of those roads are busy, with Factory rd having no shoulder, but not much traffic. The turn loops are residential at each end. It's not a loop to practise TTs on unless very early in the day though- too many come down to the park by the river.
  10. garf

    WS 70.3

    Yep. BTW, when are you coming down? This week or next.
  11. garf

    WS 70.3

    Just saw...bugger.Could just use the road outside, as it's not a through-road there is little traffic and a good shoulder.
  12. garf

    WS 70.3

    The Regatta centre is a good place to do efforts. Particularly early mornings as there aren't many people there, just a few walkers and joggers. Heads up through the chicane near the rowing sheds as rowers in a haze wander onto the road occasionally...
  13. garf

    WS 70.3

    Normally the Regatta centre is open at first light. An even 5 km per lap. Castlereagh road has a (older) section that starts at a small rise with a church on the left, about 5-6 km after the Regatta centre. From there for several km the shoulder is not so wide. While this is the 70.3 course, many will take the less busy road that runs roughly parallel in training. You come back onto C'reagh rd again for a couple of kms before the 70.3 turnoff. Most of the rest of the 70.3 course is quieter backroads. I think the local group rollout for the Hawkesbury loop at 5 or 530 Thursday morning
  14. garf

    WS 70.3

    Or just ride a lap of the 70.3 course...
  15. garf

    WS 70.3

    Well, there is the Regatta centre of course. Not always open to use. If you're cruising then loops along Tench reserve are ok, if repetitive. Looking for a hill? Head up GWH, but take the Lapstone exit as there is no real shoulder for a bit, follow the back way into Glenbrook, then you can get back on the hwy (good shoulder from there mostly). Alternatively- the Hawkesbury lookout loop- Head North out Castlereagh rd (the 70.3 course) to Agnes Banks and turn left onto Springwood road. Follow this up to the GWH at Springwood and roll back down the hill. Exit the hwy at Glenbrook
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