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  1. This has nothing to do with money.
  2. Is that a normal amount of slots in those age groups for cairns?
  3. Thanks. Is that the same as a go pro mount under the garmin?
  4. Was thinking I could mount it out the front on the extensions. I've got ayups, but would prefer something without an external battery.
  5. I need to see where I'm going. It's dark where I live.
  6. Hi, down to just a tt bike now and need a good front light. I'd like it to mount on the same mount as my garmin underneath it. Is there such a thing? Looks like the garmin light has the mount system I'm after, but I'm not sure it's compatible with tt bars. Cheers.
  7. Wow! Everyone of those look awesome. I wonder if they'll get a race closer to home.
  8. New for me. Not brand new though. Will give the kitchen wipes a go.
  9. I've got some bright yellow "matte" decals on my bike that are a bit dirty. My usual cleaning products (foam stuff and eucalyptus oil) have failed to budge the grime. Any suggestions? PS I know bright yellow and matt might be an oxymoron, but I can't think of another way to describe them.
  10. Dazaau, whilst I agree with your best bang for buck theory, something to consider is the added benefits of being swim fit. I have never run so well as when I was swim fit. It's something to do with aerobic capacity or some fancy jargon. Others on here will say the same thing. Whilst I'm not doing triathlon at the moment, I'm about to jump back into the pool in the hope it makes my running feel like it used to. Easy.
  11. Thanks Rimmer, I saw those. Just after standard 0 degree ones at this stage. There must be an option. Surely not everyone that rides a plasma rides them without spacers.
  12. No luck with getting a felt. Giving the Scott a go.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get 30mm of armrest risers from for a scott plasma aerobar? I've googled it pretty hard but I can't find anything. Unless it's just the standard profile design risers, which I don't thing it is. This bike;
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