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  1. chris


    Just read now they are saying next year before everyone has there first shot. we are going to be watching the rest of the world move on that’s for sure
  2. chris


    We have had jobkeeper jobseeker jobmaker and now jabseeker
  3. chris


    Well if that’s an election which no doubt it will be I know where I will be voting
  4. chris


    We are truely ****ed , they should now ban the pill for women as more blood clots from that
  5. chris


    We will be observing the rest of the world living there lives and we still won’t be able to sweet f all for years to come at this rate
  6. chris


    I do same , look like a genius
  7. chris


    Let’s do a poll Have you changed your mind a year on, that elimination is the correct strategy. I for one have always said no to elimination . Even though the us and Europe have been through a lot of shit on the last year. I will say they will have there lives back before us. If you think you have your life right now you are kidding your self
  8. chris


    yeah not, what until the iron ore price tanks and then we will have our hands out. This whole thing as been state vs state and i am over it, The feds have to take over some how
  9. chris


    Then we have this from the shut it down king
  10. chris


    I think that ship sailed
  11. chris


    But our government is acting like if we get a case millions will die and bullshit
  12. chris


    yes the one thing we have learnt is the feds have zero powers
  13. chris


    Morrison as stated that he wants to open up come October, he said we have to live with this like any other virus. problem we have have is the crazy premiers
  14. chris


    You really think twelve months, unless it becomes a federal issues be prepared until the next state election
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