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  1. ...and calorie counter https://www.outsideonline.com/2276656/what-running-power-anyway
  2. SMB

    AUS AG doping bust

    Can someone help me understand what authority ASADA (or whatever agency?) has, in terms of turning up at your doorstep and asking to test you, as an amateur athlete? What if you decline? What have we all signed/agree to that grants someone this permission? I'm all for out of competition testing, but just don't understand what jurisdiction someone has turning up at your house randomly?
  3. SMB

    AUS AG doping bust

    Saw this on Twitter by @IMAntiDoping http://www.ironman.com/~/media/7145e9da599b4924acb608d8c01581f3/stevenson adrvrelease final.pdf Four years.
  4. 'Naked treaties raw food bar' great smoothies, breakfast bowls etc. Prices do reflect the trend/area though.
  5. SMB


    I've only ordered off them once (~month ago, Garmin Watch) and must say I was impressed, from email stating item had shipped to arriving on my door was one week exactly.
  6. You need to read your PDS very carefully to ensure it covers your bike *whilst* racing OS, and not just in transit etc. I'm also not sure the Race you enter will cover your medical expenses during a race if you need to get evaced back home etc. which is something majority of PDS do not cover. I've recently gone through this process (allbeit living in NZ) and it was eye-opening, ended up contacting Tri NZ and going through their provider direct. There were no 'off the shelf' travel insurance policies and none that I contacted that would cover me or my bike during racing. I suspect most peop
  7. SMB

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    Yeah, this has been over social media from yesterday and today. I also got emailed last night by James from Specialized NZ with the attached as well. http://m.ironman.com/~/media/3e621184a35a4189b4e69dec21087787/specialized%20shivupdate2.pdf It's a crap situation for sure, but can't think of much else they could offer (for IMNZ competitors) this close. Interesting that the solution removes the ability to adjust the angle of the extensions, probably one reason people purchased a Shiv (adjustability etc.).
  8. SMB

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    Nothing new, but now on IMNZ website, guess we'll await further announcement tomorrow. http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/new-zealand/athletes/pre-race-information/specialized-aerobar-update.aspx#axzz3Rrbj64ch
  9. SMB

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    I would not be (changing). The notice posted (on social media, by Specialized) indicates Specialized will have a team setup at Taupo to fix Shiv's prior to the race, with further details to come "Friday 27th February"
  10. SMB

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    (From IMNZ Athlete's Services) Thank you for your email. We have been provided the following information from Tri NZ; “We are currently working with Specialized and we will be releasing some information as soon as we receive it from Specialized. From what I understand there will be a solution announced in the next day or two” Thank you for your patience regarding this.
  11. SMB

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    There are going to be *heaps* of Shiv owners lining up for IMNZ and Melbourne etc. in the coming weeks, the timing couldn't be worse for those people. I've emailed IMNZ and Specialized to see what their take is. New bars (at best), new bike (at worst), one week out from IMNZ is less than ideal prep given the time spent on existing setups.
  12. Good discussion. Sounds like the plan should include: - mix up the rep distance - keep rest intervals short - build to race distance - reduce sends off as appropriate
  13. For reference, I've swum between 54 - 1hr for IM's previously, and wanting to go faster (obviously!). Would guestimate I'm in around 56ish min shape atm. 20x100s is just a number for now, as I see no reason to be doing say 40x100s at this point in the year. My other sessions already include a fair chunk of speed/strength/pull. So the goal of this particular session is to get up to (and hold) a desired race pace...by race time, for the distance.
  14. Swimming about four times / week. One of the sessions I aim to a main set of (currently 20x) 100s @ x pace. What's a good way to progress this set over the next 6 months (keeping in mind, IM distance)? Should I just keep ramping up the interval time, and # of reps as I make each completion? Or should I instead drop the interval distance (or increase it?) and work off an appropriate time base for those distances?
  15. Getting up there in entry fee, 79,920 JPY + 1,000 for one day licence equivalent, near on $900 AUD?
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