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  1. -H-


    Melbourne update today (relevant bits only): No time limit on outdoor exercise, within 25km radius of home or work (up from 5km) 30 people at a time at outdoor pools Edit to change Vic to Melbourne (regional Vic is already ahead of us)
  2. There's nothing that says the tiers have to be equal - they could have 25 spots each for tiers 1-3 and then go straight to tier 4 if they want (their game, their rules)
  3. Daryl Maguire was the floor manager at Big W in Griffith when I worked there after school 35 years ago 😂 I thought he looked familiar!
  4. -H-

    New Logo etc

    Loose buffs are not allowed, but if they fit snuggly they're okay
  5. -H-

    New Logo etc

    Can also serve other purposes in Melbourne 😀 just saying
  6. -H-


    Yep, cleaners and delivery drivers
  7. People with existing credits have been able to enter since Wednesday. I was one of them but haven't entered anything because my knee is rooted 😔
  8. -H-

    New Logo etc

    I like the new logo/font and even the yellow is growing on me. At first I thought I'd opened Netbank by mistake 😊
  9. So all races open on the same day in mid-October, when Victorians don't even know at what point they'll be allowed to enter NSW, Qld and WA let alone travel to NZ - I guess I'll get my crystal ball out (or just hope the ones I want to do don't sell out too quickly)
  10. When you look at it like that, I reckon the risk of 8 weeks in jail for $100,000 tax free is pretty tempting for a lot of people!
  11. Yep, I know someone doing 9 years (6 years non-parole) for stealing money through his business - it was about $800k so this woman actually got off lightly on a per dollar comparison
  12. -H-


    Definitely true, the first court day after a full moon is always full on
  13. -H-

    Melbourne pools open

    My local outdoor pool has seriously underestimated the demand - they usually don't open until November so they thought it would be quiet as it's still quite cold here. They initially opened for their "normal" lap swimming hours of 7am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm (morning only on the weekends) seeing as there is no recreational swimming. They then decided to stay open until 11am but they were still booked out as soon as bookings opened for the week. Hopefully they will realise they need to stay open all day, every day - lots of people want to swim! Once the 5km limit is lifted in a few weeks
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