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  1. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday
  2. I didn't have any problems with customs/duty etc and 10 days sounds about right, from memory
  3. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Rosie won the Craig Percival "Be Phenomenal" award - I guess no surprises there but still amazing to be here with her 😍
  4. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    PS sorry for the late update, flat phone and had a couple of beers at the finish 😁 🍻
  5. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    She's the oldest ever female ultraman finisher and broke the world record for the 60 to 69 age group by over two hours. She was only 5 minutes off the men's record. Just remember this event has a 35 year history to put that into context! Queen Rosie we salute you! 👑
  6. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Annette is running well, I haven't seen her today but she's getting further ahead
  7. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Rosie through the first marathon in 5:06 and looking strong, as usual
  8. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Everyone made cut off today, apart from one who pulled out at the 70km mark
  9. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Rosie finished the bike in 10 hours today Edit to add, she is still in 4th place but made up a lot of time, now 15 minutes behind 3rd. Run day fun day tomorrow!
  10. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Halfway through Day 2 and Rosie has made up about 20 minutes on Nettie (we think)
  11. I did that in America in broad daylight back in the 90s. I'd been for a run and came back cooked, so took my shoes and socks off and jumped in the pool. Sat in the pool for a while in my running kit, then grabbed my shoes and went up in the elevator still dripping wet. Got to my floor and everything was in the wrong place - I was actually staying in the hotel next door 😂 All the best Foz!
  12. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    This one's for you, @Paul Every
  13. -H-

    Ultraman Oz 2021

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