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  1. Ah yes, I used to work on the Qld/NSW border dealing with purchasers in both states, but that was pre-2015 so things must have changed a bit. Probably still better to call it a vendor statement or a disclosure statement, if you ask for a 32 in Qld you might get a blank stare....
  2. There is no s32 in Qld, that's a Vic thing. Qld vendor disclosure requirements are much less strict so you would need to make your own enquiries.
  3. This is the number I have for them: 02 8228 1535 Haven't used it lately but give it a go
  4. I think I spoke to someone (in Australia) from memory
  5. That's not true - I had an issue and Booking.com sorted it out for me. I had booked one night through them and then realised we needed two nights so called the property owner direct to book the second night. When we got there, the accommodation was crap. We had no issue at all getting a refund for the first night paid through Booking.com (and the accommodation was removed from their service based on our experience). Could not fault them. Understandably, they could not do anything about the second night's payment because we had booked that direct with the provider. So lesson learned for m
  6. I swim in the bay all year round (well, I do now 😂 wasn't really a thing pre covid) I'm just signing up for the Rip Swim which I'm pretty excited about - swimming from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale in a team of 6 chicks. Best not to think about what else is going to be in the water with us!
  7. Their size chart is pretty accurate, I bought mine without trying on and it fits perfectly. Not the longest-lasting suit I've ever had but then again, it has been getting a lot more wear than my previous suits
  8. I did an inspection on the morning of settlement when we bought a property in Kingscliff and the previous owner was still living there. I asked what he was still doing there and he said he thought we were going to help him move and he had been waiting to hear from us! FMD 🤣
  9. Sounds like an issue with the accommodation provider, not booking.com
  10. It also depends on the time and place - this was 20+ years ago in Adelaide, he was actually risking having us say we'd found another place just as much as we were risking him selling to someone else
  11. It wasn't about his commission, it was about his inheritance. The old bloke died about 3 months after we bought the house (he was selling to move into aged care).
  12. That reminds me of an agent in SA when buying there. He was actually the son of the vendor. He told us another couple of thousand would get us there and we said no. We knew the old guy wanted to sell to us, we lived a few doors down and he'd already invited us around so he could show us where all the outdoor taps were etc. When we stuck to our guns the agent then said he was just kidding and our offer had already been accepted. Dodgy prick.
  13. Not working because you're injured is very different from not working and doing fun stuff
  14. -H-


    And other people spend all their money (plus some) on cars
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