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  1. Felt like just another race, xosize sprint etc. staying at home, working and stuff in the lead up To me, it didn't feel like an IM and I'd prefer to travel to race as that's part of why I do it
  2. Oh, bike is in Melbourne, but am happy to pack and freight anywhere in Oz.
  3. I cant seem to attatch any images, so please message me or email me at davvyn@hotmail.com if you would like to see. Selling the wifes 2.5 year old VeloVie Vitesse 300 road bike due to upgrade for Christmas. Extremely well looked after and serviced every couple of months - although wasnt doing the km's to probably warrant it.....????? Bike is in excellent condition. Colour is pink/white/carbon and is one of only about 10 produced and is the only one in Australia with this paint. Really stands out and gets alot of comments. 53cm frame (view geometry below) with full Durace 10 spee
  4. Black Magic

    Cell bikes

    My brother is looking at his first road bike. $1500 budget, the cell bike is full carbon and 105. Can anyone comment on the frame quality?
  5. Hymie, i went with standard 53/39 up front and a 12-27 on the rear. If/when I go back, I think I'd drop to compact 50/36 up front and 11-12/25 on the rear, purely to give a closer gear ratio. I took it relatively easy on the bike and was about 50min slower than my Port bike times, but think I could get that back to under 30 min. Whilst the bike course is tough, it really has nothing I would call a 'climb' - its just consistantly up hill. The first 40k has no climbs, but is more than just undulating - call it 'lumpy' and similar to the start of the ride at Port out to Mathew Flinders. T
  6. Can't wait to get back to this race again one day. Last year I had a ball - but man it's tough! Can't believe the times those guys put up this year. I have done port Mac plenty, and all IM have their own challenges, but port is down hill compared to this course.I want to go back next year!
  7. will be very interesting to see how the winner goes at Challenge Cairns........ he will race pro/elite (whatever it is), lives on the course and is possibly the most determined bloke you will ever meet. one thing for certain, he is unlikely to blow too much on the run and will have anyone in front of him worried!
  8. thanks guys and gals. already nicknamed "FLASH" under 2 hour labour really, so you made say he did pop out? gotta be something in this fitness stuff........
  9. Last night Kizza gave birth to a little baby boy. Both are well. Thanks to all we know for the support and well wishes. The little fella came just in time for me to not have to cancel racing at Shep just yet.........
  10. Black Magic


    Looking and considering all brands/models. 172.5 or 175mm cranks. Wireless models preferred. Anyone got anything to offer?
  11. can anyone tell me who the transport compnay is/was, or owner/driver? I might be able to make their life a little harder.........
  12. sorry, didnt look closely enough to see it
  13. SuperSprint have been working for over 3 months to establish a long course triathlon in Victoria. Unfortunately our application to stage a long course event in Geelong on 3 April 2011 was recently declined, and then following that, an application to stage a long course event as part of the Portarlington 25th anniversary weekend (Sat 5 Feb) was last week also declined. We are pleased that we have now found a new location for a fantastic long course event, and have strong support from the local authorities. The planned date is Sunday 13 February 2011. More details will be updated on the
  14. Back on topic I dont think he can win, but if he has improved his swim a little, I will pick Michael Weiss for top 5. Seeing what he was able to do at St George IM on that course, he will be one to watch and if he can exit the water with the pack, could provide the help somone like Lieto could really use on the bike.
  15. you'd have to think that with Shepparton being Vic's only long course race that it will be on the qualifying list?
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