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  1. Don't worry about all that stuff - just ride Beach Road a lot. Prepares you for anything and everything. 100,000 Elite Victorian cyclists can't be wrong....
  2. A quick buzz.... Soda streams and tyre inflators use CO2 cartridges to supply a high pressure stream of gas. Whipped cream dispensers on teh other hand, can't use CO2 as it would make the cream too acidic and yucky. Instead, they use N20 (nitrous oxide or "happy gas"). So if you don't put cream in the dispenser and suck on the outlet nozzle while pressing the dispenser lever you will understand that "Nitrous oxide is a colourless gas that is commonly used for sedation and pain relief, but is also used by people to feel intoxicated or high". Pete does not recommend or condone the pr
  3. Pete

    Awesome Sports doco

    You may have already heard, but the one the protagonists above, Brad Gobright, died from a fall a few days ago. He was a really endearing character and it is so sad to hear.
  4. No problem! 25% from the Visa, 25% from the MC, 25% from EFTPOS savings - and the rest in the cash you've been skimming off the household budget for the last 6 months.
  5. Did you need to change the chain rings? I would have thought they were a bit thicker than their 11-speed counterparts and this might be a problem? Along the same lines, apart from the width of the jockey wheels, why do you need to change the RD?
  6. Pete


    You know, I think he HAS become somewhat of a caricature, but I really love it. Apart from all the gangster movies he roles it out the same part for father-in-law from hell, Jack Byrnes in "Meet the parents" and again as crime boss Paul Vitti in "Analyse this!". I can see that if you don't like the caricature it it would be very annoying. I think it's a bit like Samuel L Jackson's famous scene in Pulp Fiction (the "I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?!" one) and he's been playing pretty much the same character ever since - but I really love that, too! I really can't stand N
  7. I've heard of a few carbon bikes developing cracks in or around the chain stays (and being replaced under warranty) - Treks and Bianchis mostly - but I have never heard of a frame failing catastrophically whilst being ridden and causing a crash. However, with recent experience I can confirm that carbon frames can and do fail catastrophically AFTER a crash....
  8. Did my first tri in ages there last Sunday after a very long break. Had no intentions of ever getting back in the water but did the enticer distance and raced on a road bike and a a freak'n ball! It's just as friendly and lay back as it ever was, even if most of the faces are all new to me now Motivated to pick up a bit of open water swim training and even dusting the cobwebs off my tri bike. Did someone say "Shepparton 2020"?
  9. Pete


    I watched this and I was rivetted - The Irishman is an awesome pic. But how could it not be?! One of Scorcese's all time greats starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci (also with with Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin... etc etc) AND supposedly based on the true bedside confessions of a mafia killer filmed with some great, almost Tarantino-like storytelling. Very long flic, but well worth the effort. ...and you will at last find out what happened to Jo Hoffa...
  10. Pete


    I think it is pretty obvious which parts were added for effect and, unless you are making a documentary (and there are a number of good ones around already), then the dramatisation needs to highlight the characters, mood and tempo to get the point across to an audience who would otherwise miss the subtleties and sentiments of the events as they unfold. And it needs to make money..... And, as they say, "Porsche. There is no substitute."
  11. Pete


    A good follow up is either of the 2 x related documentaries on NetFlix, "24 hour war" and "Shelby American" (longer but better). Factually F Vs F was pretty accurate, even the portrayal of the young Peter Miles being held back when Ken's car fatally crashed (we initially thought this might be made up!) Peter is interviewed on Shelby American and gives some great insight into Christian Bale's character, Ken Miles.
  12. Pete


    Probably not as much of an action flic as you might think, but what action there is is pretty good. Either /either.
  13. Pete


    Ford Vs Ferrari is a good flick - Matt Damon and Christian Bale - can't go wrong!
  14. Pete

    Awesome Sports doco

    Well, 2 died during the filming of it, one man seriously broke his legs and a woman broke her back and became wheelchair bound for the rest of her life... But in answer to your question I confess to being one of the clowns who is going to die trying to free climb after having watched this - or at least having a fair crack at it. Already doing the indoor climbing thing (a consequence of watching the dawn wall and free solo) and my first fall at about 15m this week was really scary/awesome/scary not the least of which was being belayed at the time by my 13 YO who weighs in at less than hal
  15. Pete

    Awesome Sports doco

    Saw "reelrock14" and the highlight of this one was "The Nose" (the crease on the face of El Capitan) speed record, with Tommy Caldwell (dawn wall) and Alex Honnold (free solo) battle Yosemite dirtbags Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright who held the record at 2:19. Tommy and Alex want to go sub 2 (IMO the parallels to marathon are great). Thoroughly recommended - it's a hoot!
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