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  1. Wow. I just hope someone is listening.
  2. I think Vic is much better positioned to get out of it though.
  3. QLD budget out today. Not good for the grandkids with forecast of $130BN of total debt. That’s $8.2m per day, 7 days a week on interest only so let’s hope the interest rate doesn’t go up! Appreciate these are tough times but with revenue from resource exports in the toilet it’s not a good look.
  4. So who has the app still installed and active on their phone? Mine got deleted months ago because it was clearly a complete waste of time and you know that when it doesn't get mentioned in any of the State/Federal briefings they aren't using it either and just want it to quietly go away.
  5. truck

    Kingscliff Tri

    How long to get back across the border? Took close to an hour on Friday despite it all disappearing from 1 Dec 😡
  6. Trump's already launched his website for his 2024 election bid... https://donaldjtrump2024.com/
  7. #DiaperDon having weaponised Twitter to insult/ridicule/bully/sack people he somehow finds it objectionable when it’s done back to him?
  8. truck


    So how come we are paying for a private citizen to fly around Europe on a RAAF jet because ScoMo doesn't want him him to catch CV19? RAAF jet necessary to keep Cormann safe: Morrison Ronald MizenReporter Scott Morrison has defended the use of a $4305-an-hour taxpayer-funded jet to assist former senator Mathias Cormann's push to become the next head of the OECD, saying the risk of him catching COVID-19 is extremely high. Mr Cormann has also been assigned a staff of about eight bureaucrats to assist with the campaign, prompting Labor to demand the Prime Minister reveal h
  9. Me too - has always worked out up to now 😄 but this one is a bit hard to 'wing it'! Everyone's different but I'd be looking to build to 8hr walk/hike/run days on both a Sat and Sun, lots and lots of hills with some technical stuff and getting used to multiple back to back run days on tired legs over at least 4-6months to be mentally prepared. If I couldn't get to that point for 2021 I'd be deferring. My longest trail run has been 53k's with 2200m of climbing/descending and I thought I was reasonably fit going into that but no way could I have backed up the next day. And forget any thoughts
  10. truck


    As is the trail running - probably a couple of 100k’s if you head out West.
  11. truck


    There's a reason people do it 5-7am, just way too hot after that in summer. There's no wind and the sun's on your back the whole way up.
  12. truck


    Remember you need to be doing repeats in the dark and rain so never actually get to see that view - that's where the tourists go!
  13. That looks proper hard 😄 Just looking at the video there are some scary segments in there that you wouldn't want to be doing unless you're on your game. It's not just the multiple days backing up you've got to train for (and look after your feet), it's the technical side - some of those rock scrambling sections remind me of Celtman and there are massive time gains for those that are practiced at it, and similar time losses for those that weren't (that was me!). There is literally nothing around here for example that comes close so hopefully you have some challenging terrain close to home. G
  14. truck


    You're right, doesn't compare with the challenges on Beach Road😄
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