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  1. truck


    Did you see the Scotland fans crammed into central London?
  2. Attempting to bully someone to do something by insulting them never ends well. I'm a strong believer in vaccinations as anyone on here will probably have picked up - I got vaccinated literally the day they became available to my age group. However, if someone doesn't want to get vaccinated, and doesn't have a medical reason to do so, then that's up to them. The key is that we have strong leadership (one can only hope) and that we pick a date to open up and stick with it. Those who choose not to get vaccinated cannot expect the same freedoms as those that do.
  3. It's the personal insulting of someone when you don't like what they say which is the issue. There's plenty on here I don't agree with and I'm sure plenty who disagree with what I might write, but as long as it stays like that then it's a safe place to be and the forum works.
  4. truck


    If anyone wants a bit of light hearted reading, check out scomo's FB page and the comments (remember he's the guy that hates social media but can't stop posting). Anyway, now back in HQ, whoops sorry, the Lodge and has discovered video conferencing works (musn't have known that before his UK jolly). The best bits are the comments around his so-called Operation Covid Shield.
  5. truck


    Than what? They've already shown similar rates of efficacy between AZ and Pfizer in the UK for the delta variant (north of 95%). The people getting sick there are the people who haven't bothered to get vaccinated or have only had the first jab.
  6. truck


    What made you think that? It's up to the States - the Feds might open the international borders but you won't be able to travel anywhere. QLD has locked Vic out for at least another week, Tas has locked NSW out already and QLD is hot on their tale - these are with a handful of cases. How is that mindset ever going to change?
  7. And then you have this from Canada - how long before Australia changes tack again?..I guess the issue is we don’t have any material Pfizer supply until the back end of this year, but they don’t want to say that as the reason to keep going with AZ? Canada recommends Pfizer as second dose for AZ vaccines AP Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunisation says it is now recommending people who got the AstraZeneca vaccine first should get Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna for their second shot. Previously, the committee had said AstraZeneca recipients could choose whether to get a
  8. Hey Paul - let’s just remember 2days ago the recommendation was over 50’s for AZ. Nothing has actually changed in what they know but today it’s over 60’s. Who knows what it will be tomorrow? They appear to have left the realms of scientific reasoning some time ago - UK says over 40’s, Germany says over 18’s. By and large it’s a similar ethnic group and it’s the same drug (yes I know another assumption). We seem to have moved to the world of zero risk with vaccinations - I think maybe the Feds have realised that Aus will never open up at this rate of uptake and so are just making it up based on
  9. Yep agree. We’re scheduled for late July for the second - the 13 weeks wait from the first was just a made up number to try and give as many people as possible some protection so may go and get it earlier. AZ’s testing was all done on 3 weeks which is the same as Pfizer.
  10. truck


    The Feds just have to announce the borders are opening on day x and we might see some movement. Until then I don’t see that number moving materially higher so we’re just stuck.
  11. That’s fine when there’s only you sitting on your desert island. What happened to the ‘we’re all in this together’ position??
  12. So for those of us who did get the first jab do we get the 2nd jab or go for a mix’n’match with Pfizer??
  13. truck


    Just need to make sure I don’t claim I can make a living out of it - easily checked looking at the prize money on offer 😄
  14. So is what you’re saying, if something goes wrong, blame someone else?
  15. truck


    Pro triathlete application in progress. My alternative sporting career could be darts. Not great at either but hey who cares?
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