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  1. Yeah. Thats what we reckon. Thats why Mrs AJ is extremely pissed off. Been trying to spend some time with her parents for well over 12 months now and everytime shes booked the tickets, we've been chucked into lockdown. 🤬
  2. Reckon there would be plenty of pised off parents who gave had their 4th holiday period screwed up by lockdowns. And now it looks like I'm going to have to put up with a very angry Mrs AJ for however long it takes her to calm down. Shes scheduled to fly to Wollongong on Friday😯
  3. Like how accepting everybody was of lockdowns and border closures?
  4. Such an obvious basic truth that is already being ignored by sections of the population
  5. Still do. On the 5am barge to Moreton island tomorrow morning 😁
  6. Nanny state preventing suicides?
  7. So back in the NRL in 6-8 weeks then.
  8. Yep going yo be another long, long year for Broncos supporters
  9. I used to have one. But it was woolly not hairy
  10. Ahh the irony. Firstly the word is "Deports", secondly its the Australian Government that deports those who choose not to live according to the laws on the land not the Queensland government and thirdly you typed 3 sentences managed 3 errors. Good hit ratio.
  11. Just decided to jump on the bandwagon and be offended. Seems like its the thing to do. Anybody want to tell me what I need to be offended about.
  12. Yeah Australian politics makes me feel nauseous too.
  13. The prefect EV Drags on a bit but I think he makes some really good points.
  14. I'm staying in Queensland. With all you southerners heading north to supplement those that didn't leave last year, there's a good chance... All the the camping grounds will be completely booked out and the fees will be sky high The borders will be closed...again.
  15. Brakes are over rated. Just use the Maccas at the bottom of Mt Ousley to stop.
  16. Definitely more a camera with a phone than a phone with a camera these days
  17. Buy the latest Apple or a Samsung and then you can have mobile phone functionality on your camera as well.🙄 Personally, I've got a Nikon D5300 DSLR that came with a lens package to give me a standard and zoom lens. Keep meaning to spend some time to use it properly....one day. My son is using my old D5000 and is producing some really good stuff with it. But lately I've been using a simple Canon M100 which does 95% of what I'd use a camera for anyway.
  18. I reckon its more likely to be "Planned Obsolesce". Put a small battery in now and then either charge shedloads for the battery upgrade or force the punter into the newer model that comes with the bigger battery. Works for Apple
  19. You do know they already do that via the fuel excise. The more KM you drive, the more fuel you use and therefore the more excise you pay.
  20. At which time you've got to ask, did the practitioner not advise of the risks or did the patients just choose to ignore them. The alternative is that people arn't aware they are "sensitive to anaphylactic responses". Surely if its serious enough that it could kill them, they'd have some idea.
  21. Umm. If memory serves me correct this issue was raised during the Phase 3 trials and subsequently decision in the UK was that the AZ vaccine should only be used on those people who arn't likely to show anaphylactic responses. If this was the case then somebody should seriously get their backsides kicked....hard. Of course my memory might be a bit hazy.
  22. At the moment it'll be "Find" but other stuff may be necessary later Mrs AJ has her parents in Wollongong but realistically they're getting too old to be doing the running around that may need to be done and with us living and working in Brisvegas, we can't always jump on a plane at short notice either.
  23. What sort of $$$ do you charge for this service. Mrs AJ and I might be looking for one in Wollongong and are interested in to know how much money we might be up for.
  24. I've worked in too many places that had job descriptions with the generic phrase "Other duties as assigned". Makes me wonder why they even bothered with the rest of the document because any resemblance between what my job description stated and what I actually did was purely coincidental.
  25. Tip: Wear the ones that don't have holes in them.
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