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  1. Didnt care either way if the end result was something approaching "normality". Still dont care.
  2. No I cant see a miracle happening either
  3. Seeing that you're too slow to pick the point out, I'll put it into complete and technicolor detail for you. If the woman decides to withdraw consent as the male is finishing (or immediately AFTER) , will it still be an issue? I can see a legal minefield on the horizon where this exact issue will come back to bite some poor unsuspecting bloke who did everything properly only to be accused of rape because the girl decided that she was in a position that she no longer wanted to be in but left it too late to say anything. No its not. Its an issue for everyone regardless of gender. I
  4. Hmm. So I've done a little research and been genuinely surprised. Apparently its fairly common including here in Lockdown county. Actually the Lockdown County Police Operation Skills and Practices manual (Section 14.3.3 starting on page 9) covers it in some detail. LockDown County Police Operational Skills and Practices Manual Just some interesting points ( which may or may not be applicable to the case in question but still an interesting read) I havn't had a look at the old Minneapolis version of this but its interesting to note that the new version (released on the 12
  5. I think individually the states have all been consistent...only different. And I think thats half the problem. The approach that was required this time last year may not necessarily be the approach that's required now nor what may be required 12 months down the track. The virus is changing, the world is changing, the playing field is changing but the various Governments continue to use last years play book because they don't want to be accused of inconsistency.
  6. I'm no expert but I find it hard to believe that any "trained technique" involves applying pressure of any kind (never mind the weight that could be applied by a full grown man) to the neck of an assailant. The potential risks for serious harm would have to be sky high. I'd suggest it's the total lack of concern about the welfare of the person being arrested is what will convince the jury to convict him.
  7. Too late. The public are already getting very frustrated at the politics that have been at play throughout this whole covid pandemic. From lock downs, border closures, petty squabbling between states and the feds, the misinformation, the fear mongering and now the perceived slow roll out of the vaccines (and associated blame games being played) people have had enough. We're not all idiots and shouldn't be treated like we are.
  8. Just as an odd aside. Is there a point in proceedings where the withdrawal of consent is likely to considered to be "too late"?
  9. Plenty did. Highways north and south of Brisvegas were a car park on Monday arvo from people escaping the lockdown. Old Bloke across the road prepped his caravan, loaded the car and disappeared all within 2 hours of the lockdown announcement. Never seen him move so fast.
  10. Either way I suspect the Fire Brigade and Riot squad will be on standby
  11. Yep thats what I told her. But I'm only her husband so my opinion doesn't count.
  12. Mrs AJ is either pacing the loungeroom or working the iPad to work out what to do about her trip to Wollongong. Booked to fly on Friday morning but it wouldn't surprise me if she decides to jump in the car today and does an all-nighter drive down.
  13. I just love the way that AP does her PR bit and then the CHO comes out and then repeats what AP said. They could have sent out an email and not had a group of people all standing around listening to politicians rattle on about absolute trivia. The only thing people of this city really want to know is will we be in lockdown for Easter. So I wasn't real impressed when AP said that people can wait till 9am tomorrow to find out whether they can have their holidays. IMHO that is too late for many who need to decide today (or even yesterday) whether to cancel/change their plans and/or get ref
  14. I thought Alan Jones retired.
  15. I thought we decided this was the case weeks ago.
  16. I've changed your sexist tirade to something closer to truth.
  17. If you choose to put up with incidents like that for the sake of your "career" then I'd suggest its not much of a career. From the outside, these women seem to be smart, intelligent, pro active, go getters who would succeed in any occupation in any industry. Why put up with sleezebags like that to work in an environment like that? All I do know is, had they spoken up at the time, other women may have been spared similar ill treatment and this whole issue would have been dealt with a long time ago.
  18. Its true but don't say it too loud. You'll have the "offended masses" turning on you.
  19. A sentiment that makes a lot of sense but unfortunately is far too complex a concept for a percentage of the population.
  20. Sounded like a bit of CYA from the CHO but the nurse wasn't working with covid patients the shift she worked. But in my mind that makes it even worse. It means theres another link/links they havn't found. The link between the patient and the nurse. And Yes, a lot of a PR nightmare for the PA.
  21. According to the latest presser I watched a couple of minutes ago there are 2 distinct but unrelated clusters. One around the Dr and another around a nurse. Both worked at the PA hospital.
  22. Self entitled prats with little or no concept of reality living in a bubble. No different to the awful stuff thats happened in the Military, religious institutions, educations institutions, health institutions etc etc
  23. This just reeks of incompetence. Its obviously to everybody (except maybe our Premier and CHO) that this is an absolute no brainer. It should have happened from day one as soon as the vaccines became available.
  24. Sounds like a case "Premature Congratulation". Stop patting yourself on the back before the job is finished. There is absolutely no criteria that could describe this entire situation as "Beautifully Handled". If it was handled properly a month ago, I wouldn't have an angry Mrs AJ on the warpath.
  25. Yes there is. But its a closely guarded secret. One paper copy kept in a small nondescript filing cabinet, in a garden shed at an unknown address. Only 2 people know the location and neither of them have keys. There are only 2 sets of keys and neither of the keyholders know the location. None of the 4 people know who the other 3 people are.
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