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    Just do what my wife does. Buy it anyway. Mrs AJ got a 24v Bellani cordless vac which she uses every day and it lives on the dining room floor when not in use so it can be charged If I kept anything on the dining room floor (even temporarily) I'd usually end up in the dog house.
  2. We used to be the same when we saw the big pinapples on the road north of Brisbane (one at Nambour and one at Gympie). Gympie one is gone now.
  3. Neither. Theres 3 sides to every story. Our side, their side and the truth
  4. I just found out I've been home alone all day. I thought my kids were in their rooms playing computer games.
  5. -- AJ --

    Dating online

    2 Questions Did you fill in the form to receive your free iPhone? Interested in buying a bridge?
  6. Should leave some interesting sun burn lines - Red and white stripes.
  7. I must have worked for this bloke. I was once told by a former manager that it was my job to motivate myself. Something I found very hard to do once I found out they were taking credit for some of my achievements.
  8. Apparently it upsets the geometry of the front end leading to steering and CV issues. And I've suspicion that a 3" suspension lift would be illegal without an engineering certificate which involves a lane change swerve test (particularly if you've got ESC)
  9. Wont that cause issues if you have IFS?
  10. Yep. Which is why I don't go camping during school holidays. This was last weekend on Moreton Island
  11. If 3 Bedroom houses built in the 70's are selling at greater than $1.2m then I'd suggest that Wollongong is already past that point.
  12. Havn't won it yet. Victoria showed how easy it is to go from Hero to Zero.
  13. Yeah we know. Been looking at the market there for some time now. Properties going for absolutely crazy stupid prices. Its almost at the stage (if its not already) where we can buy 2 properties up here for the same money as buying a single similar property down there.
  14. Probably not required. The only celebration that will be happening is if Mrs AJ finds a house she likes at a price we can afford.
  15. Bugger. Not good.
  16. Can her mum leave the nursing home for a day trip somewhere?
  17. Yes. Several. Following on from my initial thought the following would appeal to a lot of news publishers. they were Instagram "influencers" with a page load of bikini pictures the offspring of celebrities, or on parole for a previous horrific crime. dressed in KKK or nazi outfits screaming "God is Great" in Arabic One only has to look at news.com.au to see what their priorities are regarding the selection of news articles
  18. In the scheme of things it doesn't make good click-bait reporting?
  19. So no Hens parties with Male strippers allowed?
  20. Not according to the Border Declaration pass that we just filled in.
  21. No surprise here. The phrase "Ambitious but rubbish" springs to mind here. Seems to me that the world is full of people over promising and under delivering. Not just politicians but they are plenty in business as well. At a former workplace, I went through 7 years of management promising results that were totally and completely unachievable. And I'm talking about targets that were supposed to be reached at the end of every iteration not "stretch targets". End result was after 7 years and some massive $$$ spent (more than was officially reported) the whole project was abandoned.
  22. Mrs AJ is very happy and currently repacking her suitcase and checking in for her flight tomorrow.
  23. Going to be interesting to see if the lockdown is extended this morning given that AP said yesterday the decision would be made this morning but QLD health website was changed last night (and then changed back) to say the lockdown will end on Tuesday. If its an April Fools gag its in pretty poor taste.
  24. Probably the most accurate Freudian slip ever
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