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  1. As soon as the Govt puts out targets that are subsequently not met (for whatever reason), they get slammed from pillar to post by every opinionated know-it-all with a public facing channel. One only needs to look at the the 4m vaccination target that was published earlier as a perfect example of what happens to those who over promise when they dont have total control of all aspects of the situation and subsequently fail to get anywhere near the target. And given that average Joe only notices that the target wasnt met but doesnt give a rats why, I can understand why the Govt is hesi
  2. Most manuals these days use a font so small I physically can't read them.....even when I have my glasses on🙄
  3. My Bad. Mixed my stories up. THis is the one he should be apologising for
  4. Lost all respect for this show some time ago after Walid started using it as a platform for his own political agenda. Lisa Wilkinson has been a poor addition and as far as I'm concerned adds nothing as this format doesn't suit her . This is just another example of clutching at conspiracy straws to get publicity. My personal opinion. If you don't like it...tough.
  5. If I could ran 9km @ 4.55 it would be a bloody miracle.
  6. Yes here would be nice. 10m from the beach, no phone reception and at this time of year no crowds. .
  7. I travel 45 steps to work, havn't been in the office since mid March and havn't left the house for 2 weeks. There will be closer options I assume, just not yet. I can (for now) wait. But that may not be the case for much longer. There is an unconfirmed rumour on the grapevine that day-care centre staff will be required to get it and in the case of family day-care centres the resident family will also be required to get it.
  8. Which considering that you live in a major capital city (albeit in a tucked away secluded part of it) is an absolute disgrace.
  9. Very hypothetical and extremely unlikely to happen. For me to catch it, I'd actually have to go out into the real world.
  10. From my POV, I'll consider getting it done when I don't have to drive 40min each way to get to a vaccination centre.
  11. My understanding...It's illegal to reenter the country if you've been in India within the last 14 days. Personally, I don't have a lot of sympathy for the cricketers. It was obvious (well at least it was to me) early this year that things in India were not good and yet they still decided to go while other people (including me) who had a reason to go, chose not to.
  12. I'm definately not. Over 50 dad bod who has no interest in beauty products.
  13. I drink rum. We could do a shot for a shot
  14. Depends on whether the NSW contract tracers are as good as everybody says they are
  15. Obviously neither a good lawyer nor a good influencer if she wasn't aware of this. As an issue, this been around for a few years now and there has been more than one person who has been stung.
  16. Forgot to mention Shark attacks and suicidal Quokkas
  17. Just checked. I'm eligible but the nearest jab site for me is 40 minutes drive away. 🙄 Hope that changes soon.
  18. There are stories going around the Pajero community that people are asking for and getting obscene amounts of money for 2020+ model Pajeros. Similar thing happening with the last of V8 200 series landcruisers. Can't get them without shelling out a fortune or selling your first born..
  19. Just out of interest last week I had a look at what it would cost me to convert my Suzuki Vitara to an EV. The figures blew me away. For a DIY kit the website I looked at was quoting.. Basics package of $4950 contains the Motor (with regenerative braking), the controller, the dc to dc converter (to provide the 12V supply to the car), a safety disconnect switch and impact sensor cutout switch, wiring loom included. Lithium Batteries basic pack starts at 200A/H 96v $10240 (up to 100km range) Battery Charger 25 amp output $850 Batrium brand Battery Management System (BM
  20. I happen to agree on both counts. $10 is my limit when buying stubbie holders. But to be fair, some would say spending $5+K on a pushbike is crazy.
  21. Google calendar just reminded me that I'm actually supposed to be in Canada and Alaska at the moment. Disappointed that we're not there but at the same time we're rather happy we're not there.
  22. Read somewhere today that there's a company developing a swap-and-go battery pack system for trucks. In theory , sounds like a great idea and solves a couple of issues. But with somewhere around 3600+ (2018 figures) trucks travelling daily between Sydney and Brisvegas, I guess theres going to need to be some fairly serious electrical infrastructure installed from the powerstations to the Changeover point and at the changeover points themselves to be able to charge all those batteries fast enough for them to be able to to be used the next day. May not need it for 10 years but even that mean
  23. Those of you who arn't into the 4WD/Camping scene probably arn't aware just how bad prices are getting for stuff. Thanks to covid and the lack of OS travel, it seems every man and his staffie has decided to explore Australia instead. As as result prices for 2nd hand 4WDs and caravans are starting to make Sydney house prices look sensible. Got friends who recently ordered a new van have just been told delivery is late this year at best but more likely next February/March. But I've just discovered the greatest pisstake ever. Yeti have announced the new Yeti V Series Hard cooler is to
  24. Wouldn't this be considered discrimination against those who can't have the vaccine. What about children who (as is my current understanding) arn't approved for the vaccine?
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