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  1. Jimmy Barnes and anything on the Soul Deep album.
  2. I'm earning $35k less a year now than I was 2 years ago but I'm happier now than I was then. Never earned US$135K p/a in my life.
  3. I was on first name basis with the local Kabab shop owner and staff. Was such a regular, they would start making my regular order when they saw me walking down the street anytime after 8pm. But was never invited to sit at the Table of Power.
  4. No surprises here. Overly ambitious plans that were always likely fall behind schedule if some hiccup happened.
  5. Dont come to Queensland. They've just banned the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam cups.
  6. Some of them have and its cost them big time
  7. Over promising and under delivering. Management Issue that will be blamed on and sorted out by the workers.
  8. Two Words to give you hope Campbell Newman
  9. No. Only till it becomes a political liability or they get voted out. You can't seriously expect a politician to have a hard and fast position on something and actually stick to it. (Except maybe John Howard and the gun buyback)
  10. Absolutely but the same could be said for any small provincial town anywhere in any state in the country. Wouldn't be restricted to Queensland.
  11. Because despite what people think, Cairns is a small provincial town with a small population (of about 150000) . Normally there just no need for it.
  12. Going to be interesting if a player ever sues the NRL for failing to provide a safe environment. After all, the NRL is expecting certain things when the players are off duty, then the players will start to expect certain things from the NRL. Like protection from every dipstick fan who thinks they have the right to verbally abuse (or worse) a player
  13. I find it hard to believe that they did this without any complaint or critism. Even if it was the Managing Director or CEO, somebody decided that it was offensive. And because from a PR perspective its better to say you make that decision yourself than to have the bad publicity splashed over every media outlet that special interest group has found it offensive (e.g remember the fallout around Apu from the Simpsons)
  14. Obviously somebody got offended, otherwise the whole process to review the books concerned wouldn't even have begun. I was actually making a general comment rather than one specifically related to Dr Suess.
  15. My guess going forward is that the world is screwed. The PC thugs are going to paint (choose your own colour scheme here) themselves into a corner where the dynamics of trying to achieve anything without somebody being offended is going to be so complex that people will just give up. Realistically, it's only a matter of time before people get offended that the voice of Bart Simpson isn't being done by an 10 year old male with learning difficulties.
  16. Which just means that the customers don't have to make repayments and the loans can't be marked as in arrears. (If I read the statement from APRA correctly) Of course, it may well turn out that you're right...as the deferral scheme winds down over the next few months and the pessimists might actually get something right.
  17. Maybe. Assuming this was from Finder.com(.au) and knowing what they are, I'd suggest that the number is overstated due to the small sample size. If the report said "We surveyed the Lenders about their percentages of overdue loans.....", I'd be more likely to believe the results. Typical 90+days in arrears is < 1%
  18. So if I read this correctly, they surveyed 466 Home loan customers, found 31% of that statistically small sample were behind and extrapolated that across the entire home loan market to get a headline grabbing figure. Did I miss something?
  19. Anybody keeping track of the number of NRL players that have been caught "misbehaving" in the off season. I see Victor Radley is now in the NRLs crosshairs.
  20. I've just been caught by the same thing. Last trip was 17 months ago when we went to the US. I've just downloaded the QANTAS Wellbeing app which lets me earn points from being healthy. I get 9 points for every day I can walk 10000 steps and 37.5 points for walking 50000 steps in a week. Dr said I needed to lose some weight so I've walking daily anyway so instead of just losing (fat), I'm now gaining something as well (QF points).
  21. Forget the kids. I turned off the TV at 8:30 last night. Nothing worth watching.
  22. Getting a bit surprised that cartoons in general havn't been cancelled due to lack of PC sensitivity.. Coyote keeps harassing the road runner, Sylvester keeps harrassing Tweety, Elmer Fudd keeps hunting rabbits and ducks. Yosemite Sam obviously has anger issues. Foghorn Leghorn is obviously a narcissist bully.
  23. Has been for awhile. No great loss, Never particularly found it funny or watchable anyway
  24. Thought you were talking about the Rugby league there for a minute.
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