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  1. Well that was a waste. Theres no way they'll sit through 2 week hotel quarantine
  2. Assuming that you're not expecting the world to return to pre-covid normality then I agree with you. If people are expecting to get back to pre-covid normality then I think they're going to be badly disappointed.
  3. Been there How Long and only done three pubs? Seriously letting the side down. Most Aussies would have stopped at 3 (or more) on the way from the airport to the hotel and then raided the minibar.
  4. Being 50+ with no social life and who works from home most of the time, I'm not particularly in a hurry either but my local GP (that I've been going to for 10+ years) has started doing covid vaccinations. Feel much more comfortable being jabbed by somebody who knows me and more importantly knows my medical history.
  5. Sounds like a political cop out using semantics. When asked later I'm sure they'll say that the police arn't part of the "Government"
  6. Absolutely. Doesn't stop them doing it and by the time they get prosecuted, the damage is done. Not the 1st instance of this happening. Your internet/telecom metadata that has been collected and stored by the telecommunications companies have been illegally accessed on numerous occasions by police. They have an official process (e.g court issued warrant) to get that information if required but at times deliberately choose to bypass those processes. Data from the CovidSafe app has also been illegally accessed at times.
  7. Police illegally accessing information outside of their official duties have included a couple of cases that could be regarded as borderline stalking and/or intimidation of ex-partners, and others where DV victims private details were passed on to their attackers.
  8. Well don't go and shout it to the world and ruin both our reputations.
  9. To me, the problem is not with the police using the information. Its the fact that the police are using the information after I've been told that it won't and can't happen. It just erodes trust in those institutions. Firstly the politicians who said it and secondly the law enforcement, knowing that its supposed to be compartmentalised and only accessable by the Health dept, still accessed it anyway.
  10. I don't think anybody is overly surprised about this. Seems that no matter how insistent the pollies are that data will be compartmentalised and kept safe, the data will always be available to law enforcement who will find a "legal" loophole to be able to access it..
  11. THis the one you're looking for? ABC or this one More ABC
  12. Wont answer legit questions to support his conspiracy theories but can easily put statements into other people mouths. I have never said that I believe that it was produced by nature. I have only ever spoken out about unproven aspects of allegations that its come from a Wuhan lab. For all we know the alternative conspiracy theory might be the correct one. That it was produced in a US lab and released in Wuhan by an US athlete or official.
  13. Got nothing to do with qualifications and everything to do with hard data...of which there is a distinct lack of. In fact, I reckon a Police detective or Investigative reporter would have better qualifications for working our where this virus came from than a bunch of infectious diseases experts . Maybe we should get 60 Minutes or ACA onto it.
  14. Yeah I know. But if I keep asking I might actually get a non-politician like answer one of these days, i.e one with relevant information that actually answers the question. No chance of of any plan being made public any time in the near future because if they don't meet it they get absolutely roasted by the media and others
  15. Have these people come up with definite peer reviewed, published, irrefutable scientific evidence that proves without doubt that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan? Or is it all based on circumstantial evidence.
  16. I've asked the questions I want to see answered. Feel free to answer them at any time
  17. I'd suggest that at the time nobody wanted to agree with him because there was no evidence at the time that he was correct. And to put it bluntly, I'll further suggest that theres still no evidence.
  18. Just let me get this right. Some video suddenly appears, allegedly taken 4 years ago of bats in a cage allegedly located in a specific lab in Wuhan, and it's the absolute and undeniable proof that the covid virus came from that lab and that Trump was correct when he made this comment? Not saying you're wrong but .... Few questions I'd like to see answered before I decided on the validity of the video and some of the subsequent comments... Why take 4 years to release this video? Why wasn't it released this time last year or alternatively why release it now? Is the vi
  19. These days its a legitimate question to ask "Whats a holiday?". On a vaguely related topic...Anybody know if TimTams well past their use by date can be eaten? Found a packet in the caravan that we reckon has been there since at least last August.
  20. Via Broken Hill, Camerons corner and Birdsville. I'd be surprised if there isn't a crackdown at the borders for the next couple of weekends.
  21. Only the ones who travel when they've already got covid and are still in the infectious stage.
  22. Nah we'll be sending them home. One of the requirements for the job was a negative covid test...fail
  23. All he needs is a pint (or 6) of guinness in a pub in Ireland and he'll be back to his usual self
  24. Welcome back Peter. Good to see you havn't changed a bit during the enforced break.
  25. I was supposed to be in India last weekend for a wedding. Didnt end up travelling any further than the end of the driveway 😐
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