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  1. Sounds like a company I want to work for.
  2. Sorry. Yes you're correct. Thats what I get for listening to TV Experts and not doing my own research. Covid facts from CDC
  3. Not having been there, I won't even pretend to understand the frustrations you're going through but I do know the answer to the last question. The vaccine won't prevent you catching covid, just lessens the impacts of it. Which means that you may still catch covid and be infectious when you arrive back in the country. So you'll need to be quarantined to prevent you passing the virus onto the rest of the unvaccinated masses
  4. Unfortunately in my experience, looking after your employees is rarely a KPI for management of any level
  5. A race we could never win.
  6. Not much better being a Broncos supporter.🙄
  7. Just remember things could be worse. You could be a bulldogs supporter.
  8. Apparently neither can the feds. They have to do it in parliament house. 😄
  9. I'd question whether governments at any level can do "delivery" on a schedule.
  10. According to the news its because GPs won't administer the AZ vaccine due to potential legal/litigation issues if something goes wrong.
  11. Problem with this is that people today dont understand the difference between want and need. There seems to be plenty of Toms, Dicks and Karens that beleve that they need to travel overseas to Bali (or some other cheap tourist destination) for their holidays when its really only a want. These are the people who will stuff it up for all those who have a valid need to travel.
  12. or a plain Saline solution placebo?
  13. Was wondering the other day how he was going. Please pass my congrats on as well.
  14. All the more reason NOT to change sentences. Who's to say that the appeal judge that reduces the sentence is any better than the trial judge who originally imposed it. The only exception to this is if the defendant is found Not Guilty on appeal then obviously the sentence is removed.
  15. And the very next post. Ever get that feeling that nobody ever appreciates the effort you go into to get accurate(ish) information and post the reference.🙄
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