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  1. I'd suggest it would be grossly irresponsible for people to be travelling OS on holiday (other reasons fair enough) whilst there is not a vaccine, nor enough return flights. Personally I see absolutely no point spending x days OS on holidays only to have to spend a further 14 days cooped up in a quarantine hotel. (which is where they should quarantine because a selfish, idiotic few ruined the possibility of home quarantine for the rest of the travelling public)
  2. Heres the gist of it Surely we trust the BBC I'm no lawyer and I don't play one on TV so I have no idea about the validity of the claims or not.
  3. Tax evasion seems to be number 1 on the hit list but there may be others.
  4. Dunno. Thought crossed my mind a little while ago that top Republicans may want to distance themselves from Trump after the circus of the past few weeks. The (unanswered) questions in my mind are...Can they kick him out of the Republican party and if so could he still make a decent run at it as an independant? and besides that also assumes that he doesn't get convicted of something between now and then.
  5. Fasten your seatbelts, put your seat trays away and set you seat in the upright position. Could be a bumpy ride Trump has announced that he's running in 2024.... If you believe News.com.au
  6. Hoping for a new Coffee Machine. Might get a block of chocolate.
  7. I hear ya. My main knockabout laptop is a HP notebook with 32Gb MMC HD, 4GB Ram, 1.6Ghz intel Celeron processor too which I added a 128GbSD card as extra storage (and I generally carry a 1Tb external drive for backups). Think it cost me less than $300 when I bought it a few years ago. Came with Windows 10 which was an absolute pain because with a 32Gb storage device, it won't update because of insufficient space. Recently I got sick of the storage and update issues and so loaded Mint Mate linux on it. Now I'm using 9Gb of the 32Gb MMC, Less than 1Gb of RAM. System updates are
  8. Personally I look at these specs and wonder what they're going to use them for. In my opinion, Windows 10 needs 8+Gb RAM and a 256+Gb SSD/HD as an absolute minimum. If you buy a laptop with these specs you'll either be serious response time issues and/or getting a new one inside 12 months. I've tossed out both Windows 10 and Mac OS off my 2 laptops and I'm running a linux distro instead. Significantly less disk space used for the operating system and the linux is much more responsive. Machines still do everything I need to do one them. Just considering whether to follow sui
  9. And this should come as no surprise to anybody. One or more of Australia’s key intelligence and security agencies “incidentally” collected data relating to the COVIDSafe contact tracing app in its first six months of operation.
  10. Pending evidence to the contrary, I'd suggest Massively Delusional.
  11. If you want to be pedantic, he actually pardoned 3. Only one didn't need the tar to keep the feathers in place. Lame Duck pardons Turkey
  12. BTW Which one of these was the Turkey he pardoned the other day?
  13. But the words, "Fraud" and "Fake News" probably counted for the majority of those.
  14. Too busy sucking up to China?
  15. No its the definition for opening the QLD border.🙄
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