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  1. Because theres an expectation from an entitled media that he does one when it seriously should all be handled with an email sent to the media outlets. Its no wonder the hotel quarantine was screwed up. Too many people spending too much time in press conferences answering inane questions from media hacks about stuff that was just covered in the statement. At the moment, all the presser does is show the extremely sad state that media journalism is currently in.
  2. -- AJ --


    Yes it was. Memory starting to fail me in my old age.
  3. -- AJ --


    Yes. But probably not a Right Whale. From memory I think they said it was a Humpback.
  4. Corrected your typo for you. The AFL/NRL supporters will undoubtedly make sure that you are stuck there for the foreseeable future. And the more the authorities talk about fines, the more people are going to break the rules and have their parties.
  5. Apparently Sweden is now trying the lockdown approach after a big spike in cases.
  6. Interesting issue facing scientists at the moment is people being reinfected with Covid a 2nd time. Link Here for story about the 1st Australian reinfection those that might have missed it. 3 points come out of it. Antibodies don't appear to be lingering as long as expected Herd immunity by letting everybody catch the disease may not work a successfully as first thought A vaccine may not actually work for a long period of time (if at all) Given that our way forward out of this pandemic currently relies on the combination of Herd Immunity provided by the vaccine, I th
  7. If it were 200,000+ would it still be an over reaction? Did you consider that maybe the reason that its not 200K is because we have had those restrictions?
  8. Yes. Based on height He's only 4cm shorter.
  9. From what I've seen of the shorts, its just a lot of blokes yelling and screaming at people till they break. Wonder how that stacks up in todays PC world and what message is it sending to a generation that seem to have a lot of difficulty separating "Reality" TV from Reality. Don't intend to watch.
  10. -- AJ --


    There were many reason why I did my one and only ironman in NZ. The fact that there was 0% chance of being taken by a shark during the swim leg was one of them.
  11. I think it just gets to the point where you're making so much money that you can't possibly spend it all and so your wealth continues to rise regardless of what you do. A position I'd seriously like to be in.
  12. Yes. Brisbane often has a CBD pedestrian blitz booking people who cross against the lights. Generally occurs just after a pedestrian has been hit by a car. Whether you like it or not, these are "real" offenders. You can't draw a line in the sand and say some should be booked and others not. If you argue that its not hurting anybody then the counter argument might be that a car driving too close to a cyclist isn't hurting anybody either so why book them? So I don't have a problem with pedestrians or cyclists or motorists being booked for doing the wrong thing.
  13. Perfect example for what I mentioned earlier.. Reduce the restrictions on the people and all common sense goes out the window. Victoria will be worse because people have been cooped up for a much longer time and will go nuts when the restrictions lift. This is just being blasé about the risks and I'd suspect will come back to bite us.
  14. A snowball has a better chance of surviving in hell than Victoria has of staying out of lock down. And you can thank those all selfish bastards around you that will abandon all common sense (if they had any in the first place) and go absolutely nucken futs when restrictions get loosened with the end result being a swift and predictable journey back to LockDown. Some people would say there is only one selfish deluded individual without common sense in Victoria and unfortunately he's the Premier. But I reckon we'll see plenty more over the coming weeks.
  15. Havn't they closed their borders to all non-citizens? (Except workers who need appropriate documentation)
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