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  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  2. Obviously spending a decade (+some) getting smashed as a footballer helped Gallens ability to take a serious hit. Something that your average olympic boxer probably doesn't do too often - certainly not at the level of a footballer Will be interesting to see if Gallen turns out to be one of those footballers that end up with that degenerative brain disorder from getting too many head knocks.
  3. Unfortunately a dying skill in our cotton wool society
  4. Feels like another knee jerk reaction thats not going to help peoples lack of confidence in the process.
  5. Isn't that how this country works these days...if in doubt blame somebody else.
  6. Interesting to note that there is no mention of Blood Clots in the official "After your Covid-19 Vaccination" info piece of paper.
  7. Well that was a waste. Theres no way they'll sit through 2 week hotel quarantine
  8. Assuming that you're not expecting the world to return to pre-covid normality then I agree with you. If people are expecting to get back to pre-covid normality then I think they're going to be badly disappointed.
  9. Been there How Long and only done three pubs? Seriously letting the side down. Most Aussies would have stopped at 3 (or more) on the way from the airport to the hotel and then raided the minibar.
  10. Being 50+ with no social life and who works from home most of the time, I'm not particularly in a hurry either but my local GP (that I've been going to for 10+ years) has started doing covid vaccinations. Feel much more comfortable being jabbed by somebody who knows me and more importantly knows my medical history.
  11. Sounds like a political cop out using semantics. When asked later I'm sure they'll say that the police arn't part of the "Government"
  12. Absolutely. Doesn't stop them doing it and by the time they get prosecuted, the damage is done. Not the 1st instance of this happening. Your internet/telecom metadata that has been collected and stored by the telecommunications companies have been illegally accessed on numerous occasions by police. They have an official process (e.g court issued warrant) to get that information if required but at times deliberately choose to bypass those processes. Data from the CovidSafe app has also been illegally accessed at times.
  13. Police illegally accessing information outside of their official duties have included a couple of cases that could be regarded as borderline stalking and/or intimidation of ex-partners, and others where DV victims private details were passed on to their attackers.
  14. Well don't go and shout it to the world and ruin both our reputations.
  15. To me, the problem is not with the police using the information. Its the fact that the police are using the information after I've been told that it won't and can't happen. It just erodes trust in those institutions. Firstly the politicians who said it and secondly the law enforcement, knowing that its supposed to be compartmentalised and only accessable by the Health dept, still accessed it anyway.
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