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  1. valium

    deca tri hawaii

    Thanks Hairy Legs, keep these updates coming. John Reidy attempted the deca 2 years ago in Mexico but unfortunately didn't finish but was a little unprepared to say the least (he wouldn't disagree with that!). He even competed in the World champs held about 2 days before but that's another story....However, got daily updates of the race and loved the reports and was looking forward to the same thing happening here but not the case. Even his support crew is unable to get updates to us which is a shame as there is a lot of support here. Agree that they're all mad, couldn't even contemplat
  2. valium

    deca tri hawaii

    Let's not forget other Aussie, John Reidy, think in around 6th place. Any updates, would love to hear, can't believe the officials pulled the pin, no electricity, running water, light or good food. As if it's not hard enough! Run should be starting soon I think, can't imagine having to run 422km after what they've been through. Go the Aussies!! Valium
  3. valium

    deca tri hawaii

    Agree, very poor coverage, understand there has been some sort of problem with the officials pulling out and the voluntrees are now “running the show” though don’t know the details. Latest update from Coolrunnings, quote: “After 1000 pretty painful kilometres on the bike Dave has decided to call it a day out there. His ITB is pretty bad and with 800km to go on the bike and 400km of running he realised it wouldn't last. Brock McKinlay is still in the lead and John Reidy is hanging on.” Earlier updates from this morning: Brock Mckinlay in first place with 837 Laps completed on the
  4. valium

    Good luck at Shep..

    Ditto to everyone. Have fun. Valium
  5. valium

    Deca Man

    Gosh, that's spooky. We both must have same warped minds!!!
  6. valium


    For those into extreme racing…..personally, couldn’t think of anything worse but will be following the race with interest. 4 Aussies I think, John Reidy being one of them. He runs our gym at work so have been following his progress and it’s always entertaining hearing his various training exploits…..he didn’t manage to complete it the last time it was on (2 years ago) but he’ll be having a good crack at it this time. I just couldn't imagine entering a race that has a 2 week cut off... Good luck to all including Dave Criniti who I haven’t met but continue to be blown away by his achie
  7. valium


    Ditto the above comments - works really well so don't see any reason to change - unless of course, it affects you. You do a fantastic job, and we all should respect that. Sometimes the very small minority seem to forget that this is run through your generosity but the majority more than make up for these jerks. As I've said beore, if we don't like it, we don't have to read it. Love your work Valium
  8. I’ll bite too. Only to say that while I don’t often agree with some of your points, I respect your views and honesty and makes for interesting/lively discussions! Which is what it’s about isn’t it? At least you don’t hide behind some name and pretend to be someone else – wish more people were like that!!!
  9. I drank lots of tap water up there, and no probs. Used it to make up my gatorade drinks on bike also. Not feeling as good today but think that might be all the beers and wine from last night?...
  10. valium

    FHIM results?

    Hitman, gosh, now you tell me... I was wondering if something was wrong as I kept thinking that you should be going a lot faster than you were so sorry to hear about your stomach. I just apologise for not saying hi, next time I will though reckon you'lll be too far ahead by then.
  11. valium

    FHIM results?

    Well done all and esp all the first timers – great to hear that everyone enjoyed themselves. I had a pretty average day, definitely not the best, hadn’t been feeling great during training period, just didn’t seem to make any improvements so was kind of expecting a slow time but at the same time hoping that a miracle might happen on the day! Not to be… Swim pretty slow, 34, but considering how little swimming I’d done, couldn’t complain about that and only 1-2 mins slower than usual. T1 was a shocker, couldn’t get wetsuit off and must have looked ridiculous as I did my little dance
  12. Run by far then bike - still working on that, one of these days I'll be able to push a big gear!! Swim, well, never been a favourite and even less so now....at least coming out at the end of the swim you get to overtake more people afterwards - how I love that!!
  13. valium

    Health Kick

    Good - fruit, salads but never enough! Bad - chocolate, beer, wine and always too much!
  14. valium

    Your numbers up

    #554 - good luck all and see you out on the course!
  15. Hi Slug I can relate – 3 years ago, similar thing happened to me, just after Forster half, herniated disc L5/S1, did the physio thing, didn’t get better, then started losing feeling in L leg. To my horror, referred to neurosurgeon, ended up with surgery to remove fragmented disc. But, 100% successful and best thing I did– that was in Feb 02 – did Forster half in Nov 02 and Forster IM in 03 and rest is history as they say. Surgeon was fantastic and happy to recommend if need be though hopefully you won’t. Just wanted to reassure that surgery is not all doom and gloom. Bottom line, i
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